Wednesday, January 26, 2005


Madam Secretary

Please take note that there wasn't a single, solitary, valuable senator who voted against Dr. Rice, who couldn't be replaced by a second year college student majoring in Antarctic horticulture.
Condoleezza Rice won confirmation as secretary of state Wednesday despite blistering criticism from Senate Democrats who accused her of misleading statements and said she must share the blame for mistakes and war deaths in Iraq.

The tally, though one-sided at 85-13, was still the largest "no" vote against any secretary of state nominee since 1825.

Separately, a Senate committee narrowly voted to send Alberto Gonzales' attorney general nomination to the full Senate. And Jim Nicholson and Michael Leavitt won confirmation as the new secretaries of veterans affairs and health and human services respectively as President Bush's second-term Cabinet began to fill out.

Rice, Bush's national security adviser for four years and perhaps his closest adviser on the war and terrorism issues that dominated his first term, becomes the first black woman to be America's top diplomat. She succeeds Colin Powell, a former Army general who clashed privately with some of the strongest hawks in Bush's inner circle.

Although Rice's nomination was never in doubt, Democrats mounted a lengthy and biting protest that showed she will not immediately match Powell's collegial relationship with Capitol Hill.

Democratic senators denounced Rice's job performance and truthfulness. Most criticism focused on Rice's role planning for war and explaining the threat posed by Saddam Hussein. Some accused her of avoiding accountability for the absence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Others said she seemed unwilling to acknowledge errors in planning or judgment.

"In the end, I could not excuse Dr. Rice's repeated misstatements," Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., said of his vote against Rice.

Whatever. I'm getting real sick and tired of Democrats --- excuse me, liberals --- trying to prove a point by being extremely difficult. When it comes down to brass tacks, all they're doing is hurting themselves in the long run by proving what we've all known this whole time --- that they care more about holding a position, than doing anything with it. It's all a show to them, and their main interest isn't the best course for this country, but appeasing Europe and their other "allies" worldwide.

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