Monday, January 17, 2005


Run for the border

It's good to know that if you're trying to sneak into America via the Mexican border, at least Mexico's government will help you do it.
The Mexican Foreign Ministry on Tuesday defended a government pamphlet that offers advice to migrants illegally crossing the border into the United States, saying it was trying to help save lives without encouraging people to break the law.

"Last year, more than 300 Mexicans died on the border," Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Geronimo Gutierrez told the Houston Chronicle. "Our government has a commitment to defend the lives of its citizens."

In 32 pages of text and comic-book-style illustrations, the paperback, Guide for the Mexican Migrant, gives pointers on navigating deserts and swimming rivers safely.

"Crossing the river can be very dangerous, particularly if you are alone or do it at night," says an English translation of wording next to an illustration of three young men setting out from a river bank. "If you wear heavy clothes, they will become heavier when wet and this will make it more difficult for you to swim."

I thought this was my day off? Darn it, what a Monday we're dealing with here. I heard something about this a few weeks ago, but thought it was a rare fluke, but it ends up that it's true. Listen, no one is angrier about the fact that we have tons of illegals crossing the border on a daily basis than I am, especially when our own ICE/CPB isn't doing much to stop it, but we really need to put our foot down when the Mexican government is sitting there printing out pamphlets with step-by-step directions.

We're dealing with two major problems here, and both of them come down to bureaucracy. The first one is our lack of qualified sworn officers and agents that work in law enforcement. Now, don't read that incorrectly --- I'm not saying that the people we have aren't qualified for the job, but there aren't enough of them. It's like having four professors teaching everyone at Harvard when there should be 200 of them. To this day, I can say that Rafael Perez and the Rampart scandal is to blame for this. Because of him, becoming a member of any department around the country is like trying to qualify for flight status on one of NASA's ships.

Second, we have people in offices who wonder why the border patrol teams we have cannot do their job correctly, when these same people tell them they can't arrest those who are crossing the border because groups like the ACLU might come after them. To quote the ACLU:
According to the Mexican government, Operation Gatekeeper -- the strategy of “redirecting” undocumented foot traffic away from border cities and into ever more remote and punishing places -- resulted in 350 migrant deaths so far this year. The deaths continue to mount at the rate of one a day, mostly from dehydration and heat stroke.

“It is not a question of whether we have a right to control the border,” said the Managing Attorney of the ACLU of San Diego, Jordan Budd, who will be arguing the case. “But all that Gatekeeper has done, at an enormous cost in lives, is to give the appearance of a border under control.”

Operation Gatekeeper pushed illegal entrants steadily eastward from San Diego and into the mountains and deserts. The theory was that raising the physical risks would eventually deter migrants. As a recent General Accounting Office report concluded, it did not. Although the goal of shifting illegal entries away from urban areas has been achieved, that has not kept many migrants
from risking death by trying to cross the mountains, deserts and waterways, which straddle the U.S.-Mexico border.

In their arguments, the ACLU and CRLAF will ask the Commission to examine the current strategy and recommend to the U.S. government that it redesign its border enforcement policy so as to minimize the risk to life.

Listen, the last time I checked, niether the United States, in cooperation with Mexico, was offering any sort of "deployment insurance" to cover illegal immigrants who were trying to cross the border illegally. The ACLU, who goes down in my book as the most anti-American group in the United States, merging themselves with and the US Communist Party, does their best to show America in the worst light possible, even if it means they're going to twist and tear words and facts in half to prove their point. Indirectly, the ACLU has the US government's border control wrapped around their finger, because the border patrol agents are so scared to take-down a single jumper for fear of legal reprisal that they cannot do their job correctly.

I'm called a racist on many occasions because of this stance I take, even though I'm a major proponent of legal immigration, and the right of anyone who wants to come to this wonderful country. But as with everything in life, it must be done correctly and by the law. Laws are in place to protect people, not to be jumped or avoided.

Times like these make me want to make the jump into Constitutional and civil rights law working on behalf, and protecting, the U.S. government.

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