Thursday, January 06, 2005


South Central America

Something tells me we won't hear much about this story in the future.
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras - A U.S. man was shot and killed on the Caribbean coast of Honduras while trying to save a neighbor whose house was being robbed, authorities said Wednesday.

Lloyd Ernest Hardy, 62, was on his way to visit a neighbor and apparently saw four robbers tie the man to a chair, then roam through the house taking cash and valuables.

Hardy entered the home to rescue his friend, but was spotted by the robbers, who shot him and fled, said Tomas Matute, a spokesman for police in Armenia Bonito, a coastal community 220 miles north of the capital, Tegucigalpa.

Hardy, who was building a home nearby with his Honduran wife, was still alive when authorities arrived on the scene, but died shortly after reaching a hospital, Matute said.

I'm sure the left will place the blame on the victim and chalk it up to oppression by the "eeeevil AmeriKKKans." How much do you want to bet if a Honduran was shot in America, Michael Moore would be making a movie about how violent murders in the U.S. are raging out of control.

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