Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Hopping borders

All that we've been hearing about is how "evil" the LAPD is, once again, over this episode of a 13-year old being shot after he assaulted officers with a car. The quick story: A 13-year old kid led police on a 3.5 mile chase through South Central Los Angeles early in the morning, which resulted in the kid using the car as a battering-ram against the officers, who were forced to open fire.

As any good officer would do, they shot the driver. They had no idea he was a 13-year old, nor did they target him out of the blue. Their lives were in danger, so they opened fire. End of story.

In the event you didn't know, I can't stand it when people demonize the LAPD.

In a move that needs to occur more often, private citizens are getting together in something called
The Minuteman Project, which will patrol the U.S.-Mexico border and make Border Patrol Agents aware of anyone illegals trying to cross. I'm waiting to see how this turns out, because if it works wonders over the 30 day period they're planning to try it out, then I think we might be seeing something along the lines of the next Pinkerton.

You can write this one down in the pages of history: I, Nick Stewart, believe we might be able to take a hint from Europe. Yes, it's true, Europe is actually doing something good. Britain is putting their foot down on immigration, putting forth a plan to pick and choose who they want, how many of them they want, and when they can hop across the border. I think this is a great idea, and here's how the system would work:

Mr Clarke said all foreigners applying for visas would be fingerprinted to stop them disappearing into the UK's black economy once their visas expire and electronic checks stepped up on those entering and leaving the country.

"This country needs migration. Tourists, students and migrant workers make a vital contribution to the UK economy," he told MPs. "But we need to ensure that we let in migrants with the skills and talents to benefit Britain, while stopping those trying to abuse our hospitality and place a burden on our society."

Controversially, Mr Clarke said he would stop giving successful asylum-seekers the right to stay in Britain permanently. Instead, refugees will only be given temporary leave to remain, which will last up to five years.

Under the proposals, there will be renewed attempts to step up the number of failed asylum seekers who are deported. Mr Clarke said that by the end of this year the number of people being removed each month will exceed the number of unfounded asylum claims.

People who have settled in the country will have to wait five years before they can sponsor further family members to come to Britain in a bid to end "chain migration". Under the new points system, there will be four tiers of immigrants, divided by their qualifications, work experience, income and other factors.

Highly skilled migrants will fall into Tier One, including doctors, engineers, IT specialists and finance experts - who will be the only group able to come to Britain without a job offer. Skilled workers in Tier Two will have NVQ level 3 or A-Level equivalent qualifications, such as nurses, teachers and administrators. Employers will be able to sponsor their application, but being accepted for a job will not necessarily guarantee entry to the UK.

Tier Three covers low-skilled workers, who will be granted entry to Britain to fill specific job vacancies for fixed periods, with guarantees that they will leave at the end of their stay. Tier Four covers students and special sectors such as footballers and employees of international companies based in the UK.

Oh man, that is a great idea. Imagine if we did that here in the U.S. Left wing whackos, liberals, Michael Moore & Co., and their entire fanbase would be throwing fits. That's only one of the reasons why I love this idea.

Meanwhile, our boys and girls on the frontlines are getting
a new set of BDU's, and I happen to like the way they look. Anyone who wore a set of desert BDU's knows those things being to make you stick out like a sore thumb once they got anything but mud on them, and I think this new line might prevent that.

Enjoy the blog, people.

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