Wednesday, February 23, 2005


The latest in irony

It has been said that if you say something over and over enough times, people will being to believe it. I guess that's what German protestors are attempting to do, as they held amazingly creative protest signs that said, "No. 1 Terrorist," and "Warmonger" in a display outside of Mainz.

Meanwhile, in the latest Michael Jackson news, neither team decided to have any blacks on the jury that will come to a conclusion about Jacko's guilt.

As mentioned yesterday, we're having some serious weather here in Southern California. My office is 15 miles away from my house, and because of mudslides and falling boulders, it took me close to two hours to get there this morning. Mayor Hahn has been pushing to declare our region a disaster area, although President Bush has yet to review the proposal. CALTRANS has their hands full as they rushed to clean up most of the city, and people still remain homeless after the rain forced them to leave their houses.

And if that wasn't bad enough, I'm seeing deja-vu from last summer as Mount Saint Helens seems to be having gastrointestinal problems once again. But hey, at least it's better than being told to shut-up by CBS.

I know a lot of correctional workers who are going to be watching their backs more than before, as the Supreme Court decided that officers cannot segregate inmates by skin color, except under extraordinary circumstances. While some of you might be sitting there wondering why I'm raising a stink about it, it's because prison security is no laughing matter. Dividing inmates by skin color when tension is building isn't a racial operation, it's simply to keep opposing gangs from starting a riot. The activist judges who decided on this claim it's "racial segregation," while those of us in the know realize it's just for prison safety.

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