Saturday, February 26, 2005


A matter of policy

Over on Renee's blog, LAPD Wife, she brought Jack Dunphy's new column to my attention in the ongoing debate of the future of Los Angeles. In relation to the Devin Brown incident I covered with a national theses, Dunphy brings up some great points.
It takes motivated cops to put up such numbers, but it's hard to stay motivated in the midst of a political carnival. We see Steve Garcia, the officer who shot Devin Brown at the end of a high-speed pursuit, as only the latest scapegoat to a city government that seems to value the lives of criminals more highly than those of its police officers. In his position Chief Bratton must wear the hats of both politician and policeman, but these days we'd like to see much less of the former and much more of the latter.

I would highly suggest reading the entire column on National Review Online (NRO).

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