Wednesday, February 02, 2005


A million and one stories

It's rare that as many worthwhile stories find their way into my newsfeeder as I they did today.

I was patiently awaiting the
State of the Union address, which was worth waiting for a transcript to be published so I could look over it again. Of course, the big issue of the night was social security, and President Bush outlined a plan that Bill Clinton only wished his cabinet could think of. As Lee over at Right Thinking points out, former-President Clinton said the same thing about the state of the social security system back in 1998, only it was viewed in passing, and nothing was ever done about it. It makes you wonder why the Democrats are throwing such a fit, when the plan was started by them.

Meanwhile, in the wonderful part of the world also known as the Middle East, Iran seems to have
picked up a few missiles from the Ukraine and China, and they're still refusing to give-up their nuclear program. But at the same time, a rather heartwarming story comes from the front lines, as President Bush awarded the first Medal of Honor in Operation: Iraqi Freedom to the family of Sgt. 1C Paul R. Smith, who died bravely defending his brigade.

And finally,
my office is making progress is the case of Juan Manuel Alvarez, who parked his Jeep Cherokee on a set of Metrolink tracks in Glendale and derailed a set of trains, causing eleven deaths.

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