Monday, March 28, 2005


2006 US NEWS Law School Rankings

It's worth taking a look at the 2006 US NEWS Law School Rankings.

My fearless student readers, I'll be the first one to tell you that in the end, it doesn't matter what law school you go to, it's what you get out of the law school you went to. So if you're currently enrolled in a law school that isn't in the top ten, or if your school isn't listed, just remember it's what you learn, and how you use it. To quote Eugene Volokh in regard to this list, "It's basically the same as last year, which was basically the same as the year before that, which was basically the same as the year before that."

Choice picks:

1. Yale 2. Harvard 3. Stanford 4. Columbia 5. NYU 6. Chicago 7. Penn 8. Michigan, UVA 10. Northwestern 11. Boalt, Cornell, Duke 14. GULC 15. UCLA, Texas 17. Vandy 18. USC 19. Minnesota 20. BU, GW 22. Iowa, W&L 24. ND, WUSTL 26. UIUC 27. BC, W&M, Fordham, UNC, U Wash 32. Emory, UC Davis, Wisconsin 35. BYU 36. Indiana, UGA, Wake Forest 39. OSU, Hastings 41. George Mason, Tulane, Alabama, Arizona, Florida, UMD 47. American 48. Colorado 49. Case Western, U Conn, Utah 52 Baylor, SMU, Pitt, U Tenn Knoxville 56. FSU, U Kentucky 58. ASU, Brooklyn, Cardozo, Loyola LA, U Cincinnati 63. USD, Villanova 65. Chicago-Kent, Rutgers Camden, Temple, Houston 69. Loyola Chicago, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon 73. Rutgers Newark, St. Louis, Miami, Richmond 77. Lewis & Clark, Pepperdine, St John's, SUNY Buffalo, Nebraska, Oklahoma 83. Seton Hall, Hawaii 85. Catholic, GA State, Northeastern, Louisville, U Miss 90. LSU, Penn State, UNLV, U of SC, U Pacific (McGeorge) 95. Hofstra, Indiana (Indianapolis), Seattle, Syracuse, Denver 100. Marquette, Mercer, Kansas

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