Wednesday, March 09, 2005


Exit polls

As I've said a million times, the reason why I support acedemia in our nation so much is because our scholars chase after knowledge and enjoy sharing it with the rest of the world. By doing this, the flow of information, now combined with the wonderful internet technologies, allow facts, figured, statistics, and everything under the sun to be broadcast throughout the world in a matter of minutes, if not seconds. Loyola Marymount University offers a great roundup of exit poll results in the 2005 race for the next mayor of Los Angeles.

I've looked through a number of articles, but Kevin Roderick grabbed the LMU poll from who knows where --- most likely a wire service or one of the other hundred streams he's fortunate enough to receive --- has the most accurate opinion poll, while the LA City Clerk has the exact numbers for our viewing pleasure. Los Angeles will have a new mayor, as Antonio Villaraigosa pulled in about 33% of the vote, leaving him to go head-to-head with Mayor Jim Hahn, the incumbent, and my pick for the guy to beat, who pulled in 19% of the vote. Now, the preliminary race was to break it down to the two finalists, who will go head to head a few weeks from now in a final run-off to decide who gets the cushy seat on the top of City Hall. Villaraigosa, who ran as the ultra pro-law enforcement, anti-corruption, anti-pollution, anti-ghetto schools candidate pulled forward from his defeat in 2001, when he saw the title of mayor float downstream as Mayor Jim Hahn walked into office. This time around, as more and more voters decided they wanted to give the new flavor a shot, Villaraigosa pulled a 14-point lead in the primaries, something I haven't seen since the Riordan days.

Stay tuned for the final results. As a note to both Mayor Hahn and the Villaraigosa campaign team, make sure to send me updated press info ASAP, with comments on the results from this poll. Also, I would really enjoy an interview with both Hertzberg and Moore, so feel free to drop me a note.

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