Thursday, May 26, 2005



Yesterday I wrote about how non-ABA-accredited law schools are achieving BAR passage rates that will rival the time-honored traditional law schools within a matter of years. It seems that Sandra Matthews agrees with me.

Many non-ABA law graduates have distinguished themselves in the legal profession and have succeeded in a wide range of careers in the field of law.

Among the graduates of non-ABA legal institutions are the real estate commissioner for the state of California, numerous Superior Court judges, and many other outstanding attorneys, corporate counsel and judges nationwide.

The time has come for employers to think outside of the box and recognize that great legal minds can be found in both ABA and non-ABA programs. This is especially true because an important hiring criterion is passing the Bar Examination, the ultimate equalizer.

The legal profession will be disadvantaged if hiring practices do not reflect an openness to consider all applicants who are able to show their knowledge and competence regarding the law.

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