Friday, June 17, 2005


I Need A Bandaid

This is one that I posted on my old Blog. I thought I would recyle it for those who have not read the story and because it's funny; and yes he lost the fight.

On Monday, June 16, 2005, at 0342 hours, the Sheriffs Office was informed by City Dispatch of a combative subject, in their custody, on the way to Kaw County Adult Detention Center. Officer City Cop arrived at the Kaw County Adult Detention Center with Inmate Tampon in custody. As we met up with Officer City Cop and Inmate Tampon, we noticed a large amount of blood on Inmate Tampon's shirt, shorts and shoes. Inmate Tampon had a deep laceration on his left middle finger, and abrasions on his right forearm and right hip. Inmate Tampon was in a bar fight early that night in which he lost. Sergeant XXXX called for the nurse to respond to intake. Nurse June attempted to assess Inmate Tampon's injuries, however, Inmate Tampon refused to allow the nurse to look at him. Due to his high level of intoxication, Inmate Tampon believed the nurse was going to beat him up also. Sergeant XXXX informed Officer City Cop that he would need a medical release in order to admit Inmate Tampon into the Kaw County Detention Center. Officer City Cop left the facility with Inmate Tampon to obtain a medical release from the Medical Centers Emergency Room Doctor.

At 0533 hours, Officer City Cop returned to the detention center with Inmate Tampon. Officer City Cop had a medical release form from the Medical Center stating that Inmate Tampon was stable and was not demonstrating any medical emergency at the time. The medical release was signed by the attending physician.

Inmate Tampon was taken to the 1E shower to change out of his bloody clothing. Inmate Tampon stated that he was trying to get his "red wings" while licking his blood from his finger and arms. I secured Inmate Tampons arm and person so the nurse could look at his cuts. At this time Nurse June cleaned and bandaged his finger and elbow. Inmate Tampon was then placed into holding cell 1E2.

In 1E2, Inmate Tampon became upset and removed the bandage from his finger, reopened his wound, and began to rub blood on the cell window, floor, and bench. Inmate Tampon became highly aggressive and began to yell profanities at the Deputies in the booking area, and hit the cell window for an extended period of time. Inmate Tampon stated that he was bleeding out and wrote this on the cell window along with the word 'REDRUM." Inmate Tampon then stated he was ready for war and decorated his face with blood to resemble Indian war paint. Inmate Tampon continued this behavior until my shift ended.

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