Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Smoking him out

This took a whole lot of patience. This guy tried to kidnap a woman at gunpoint in Ventura, and then led various law enforcement agencies on a chase through Ventura County and into Los Angeles County. It started at 8:45 AM and ended around 3:15 PM. He's lucky that this is all that happened to him.
Traffic was backed up for miles and even the commuter rail service was shut off when a suspect in an attempted kidnapping led officers on a 75-mile chase and then held them at bay for hours before he was captured.

With television news helicopters hovering overhead Tuesday, deputies shoved a tear gas grenade into the man's minivan and, when he opened the door, sent a dog to drag him out. But he was buckled in and the dog vainly ripped off his sleeve before deputies finally unbuckled him to end the standoff.

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