Wednesday, July 13, 2005



Several days ago I was driving home from picking up my little one. One of the unfortunate things about my little ones daycare is I have to drive by one of the Detention Centers. I usually go a couple blocks out of my way just to avoid looking at the Detention Center when I am not working.

This time, I was in a hurry to get home so I drove by the Detention Center. I noticed a just released inmate leaving the front lobby and walking across the street. You always can tell an inmate that has just be released. They usually have a brown paper sack with all their crap in it, and their clothes are all wrinkled from being in the property bags. As this numb-nuts is walking across the street combing out his mullet, I see his family waiting for him across the street next to a beater car. There are two females one guy and three kids, all of them were clapping and waving and the little kids were jumping up and down. It was if he had just slayed a lion in the coliseum and was coming out to meet his adoring fans. The only thing missing were the flowers and stupid party hats.

I looked back at my little one and thought – what a bunch of idiots. Since when did committing a crime and going to jail for a period of time count as an accomplishment? It was this fools choice to commit a crime and separate himself from his family. Then they cheer him on like his is some hero for sitting in jail playing cards and watching television while they are out supporting his children. I use “supporting” children loosely. If you show your kid that going to jail is something to be proud of, do you not think they will follow in your footsteps? This is why I go to work (instead of jail), because I could not stand being separated from my family. This scene just drove me crazy… it was wrong on so many different levels, and I don’t just mean the mullet.

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