Monday, July 18, 2005


Behind the red curtain

This morning I was made aware of some very interesting facts in the ongoing Jose Pena case. In case you're just joining us, an illegal alien named Jose Pena decided to get into a shootout with the LAPD, using his 19-month old daughter as a human shield. Being that she was used as a shield, she took a bullet that took her life, which then carried into the infamous ghetto rumor system that the LAPD had not only targeted Pena for assassination, but that the daughter was targeted as well. Anger quickly streamed through the community, at which point protestors began to show up at the crime scene, spouting-off in the way that only a group of protestors can. As their numbers grew, local law enforcement agencies were put on a tactical alert due to the fact that a potential riot (the third one in Los Angeles over the past fifty years) could possibly break out, and the weapons cabinets in our command post had doors that were ready to be opened if needed.

Eric Leonard over at KFI 640 AM reported on some research that was made available to us this morning, and after a quick web search, I noticed that the pieces fit, making this more than just rumor and solidifying it as actual fact. The protestors down in Watts weren't the angry community members we were led to believe they were, instead, they're street gangs and members of the Community Party / Socialist Party. This confirms something else that I knew all along --- that I smelled a rat, or rather a bunch of rats, in the mix.

As anyone in law enforcement, and more and more people in the intelligence community will tell you, the website Indymedia has been a bastian of communist and socialist net-meeting and socializing since the day it was started. I dove into the red waters and found this piece about the Pena situation, which confirms the warnings we received, as well as Leonard's report.

Jose Raul Peña, aged 34, died of multiple gunshot wounds, and his daughter, Suzie Marie Peña, who was less than 2 years old, died after being shot once in the head in a shootout with the LAPD in Watts. That afternoon, the had police received a report that a man was firing random shots. When they went into the area they encountered Raul with Susie in his arms. Shots were exchanged and Raul went back into the office of his auto dealership. Several of Raul's family members begged police to let them go in and talk to Raul because they felt they could talk him into surrendering, but the police refused. 80-100 cops came into the area and laid siege to the place. Raul was on the phone with family members and people in the neighborhood during the 3 hour siege. He was also negotiating with the cops by phone. "I can tell you now I have SWAT officers having tremendous emotional problems. They are getting therapy. Some may not be coming back to work," an Assistant Police Chief said afterwards.

Watts community residents took the streets in response to the shooting of 17 month old Susie Lopez who was shot in the head with a rifle by the LAPD.

This propaganda avoids every fact of the matter, and makes it sound as if Pena is some sort of saint who was simply avoiding a shakedown by the LAPD, and protecting himself and his daughter. If you take note of the lines, "Raul was on the phone with family members and people in the neighborhood during the 3 hour siege. He was also negotiating with the cops by phone," they fail to mention that he was taking shots at officers, holding his older daughter hostage, and using his 19-month old as a human shield. Instead, this report makes it sound as if he was the good guy, and the officers were targeting him for a hit.

Let's see what the communists and socialists do when the 9-1-1 tape comes out and the truth is revealed. It's hard to hide the details and push an agenda when the cold, hard facts of the case are staring you straight in the eyes.

UPDATE --- 7/19/05 --- 11:00 PM PST: I would like to extend a personal welcome to readers from LAPD Wife and GOP Vixen, two sites I visit many times during the day. Please feel free to raid the fridge and make yourselves at home.

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