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On Tuesday, January 18, 2005, at 1836 hours, I was assigned as the 5D Module Officer from 1600 to 0000 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. Inmate Parker refused to lock down into his cell at the 1800 hour, lock down. Inmate Parker told me that he was not going to his cell due to the commando's from Sudan awaiting him in his cell. Inmate Parker would not look at at me but appeared to be looking at one specific place, but it was hard to determine due to his lazy right eye. Inmate Parker would stare into an area and nod, "No." Inmate Parker further stated that if he was in his cell he would miss the pick up time, and he needed a little time to think about joining the commandos. I told Inmate Parker that he could think about if he wanted to join the commandos in his cell, and if they showed up I would let him out. Inmate Parker then stated, "I just have to do a test of loyalty." Inmate Parker attempted to strike me in the face.

I was able to avoid being struck by Inmate Parker, and returned a knee strike to the common peroneal nerve in his upper leg. The strike cause Inmate Parker to fall to the ground. I secured Inmate Parker to the ground by placing my knee on the back of his neck while leaning on his back with my feet on the ground - which allowed me to control the pressure I placed on his back. A Code 100 was called by the Central Control Officer. (Officer needs assistance) I continued to secure Inmate Parker to the ground until the response team arrived to the module. Inmate Parker yelled, "You have beaten me. I have failed in my task to over-throw you!"

The Sergeant and several officers arrived to the module and assisted in securing Inmate Parker. As Inmate Parker was being lifted from the floor he attempted to kick me but missed. He was taken to the ground by the response team which placed him in "full" and "transport" restraints. Inmate Parker stated, "I have failed again." Inmate Parker was taken to 1H for transportation to the Downtown facility and placement into Administrative Segregation.

Inmate Parker was issued the following citations, 76980 for Major 308, Refusal to Obey an Order; and 76981 for Major 307, Interference with Facility Operations and/or Staff Duties.

A use of Force Form #0992 was completed.

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