Thursday, July 14, 2005


Contest: Name this picture

There isn't any award for getting this right, but take a guess of who this is a picture of:

If you said "Jose Pena," you guessed right. In Watts at this very moment, protestors are doing what they do best --- holding up signs and threatening to riot --- claiming the LAPD targeted an innocent person in an assassination attempt. Included in this not very well thought out conspiracy theory is the claim that they targeted the 19-month old child as well.

The picture you see above is Jose Pena holding the 19-month old baby girl, Suzie Pena, and using her as a human shield as he takes shots at LAPD officers and SWAT team members with a handgun. As I said before, the only person responsible for her death is Jose Pena.

See here, here, and here for complete details and history of this incident.

UPDATE --- 7/17/05 --- 12:15 PM PST: A hearty welcome to all readers from Patterico's Pontifications!! Please make yourselves at home. There's lots of fun stuff to do, so feel free to wander around.

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