Sunday, July 10, 2005


Crimes Against Peace Officers: G8 protestors attack SFPD

Low and behold, I come back from a great weekend and find my e-mail box flooded with reports about left wing extremists attacking a San Francisco police officer. Having worked with the SFPD before, I can tell you that they run one of the greatest forces I've seen in action, all the way from academy to administration. Not only do they deal with crazed protestors on a daily basis, but they maintain a level of decency and control that would have most officers turning to a trashcan-sized bottle of Jack Daniels by the end of the night. Here's one of those instances.

Billed as the "West Coast Anti-Capitalist Convergence and March against the G8," the protest drew anarchists who used sticks, poles and skateboards to break windows of a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant and a Wells Fargo Bank. Protesters also overturned news boxes at several intersections along Valencia Street to prevent police from driving up those streets, witnesses said.

Someone threw a large foam mattress under a police car, Oropeza said, and when police got out of the car at 23rd and Bartlett Street they were swarmed by protesters.

"One officer was hit in the head with an unknown object and has a serious head injury," Oropeza said. The officer was taken to San Francisco General, and his name will be released after the family is notified.

Michelle Malkin has more links to third party websites as well as political reactions to this incident.

UPDATE --- 7/10/05 --- 6:51 PM PST: Wizbang also follows this story with pictures of the officer who was attacked.

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