Saturday, July 30, 2005


Denial of service

In a big of blogging related news, it appears that four of my favorite sites --- Right Thinking, Right Thoughts, Moorewatch, and the brand new Starkcast --- have been down for close to 24 hours. This must be especially painful for the Starkcast, which recently made it onto the list of Podcasts on Apple's iTunes. I'll post updates when the sites finally make it back online.

UPDATE --- 7/30/05 --- 11:30 AM PST: I just had a thought. Due to the fact that the Starkcast is featured on iTunes, the huge amount of traffic it receives might be responsible for the fact that the websites are down. From what I understand, all of them are hosted on the same server. I'll give Lee a call in a few minutes and see what's going on.

UPDATE --- 7/30/05 --- 3:10 PM PST: Lee isn't picking up his phone, which makes me believe that my worst fears might have come true: he's been abducted by aliens --- the same aliens he's been telling me about for years --- who are currently experimenting with him. More information to come as it's made available to me.

UPDATE --- 7/30/05 --- 3:30 PM PST: I just attempted to contact JimK, and received no response. A few days ago, JimK mentioned to me that Glenn Reynolds was parked outside of his house. I hypothesized that Reynolds might be feeling hostile towards JimK, due to the fact that JimK has a nationwide --- wait, scratch that --- worldwide podcast that is drawing fans of Instapundit. This might also explain why I heard breaking glass, following by the words, "I've gotta go! He's inside!" right before JimK hung up the phone.

UPDATE --- 7/30/05 --- 4:00 PM PST: The Starkcast has appeared on a mirror server, which means the reason the sites are not loading is due to the extremely high traffic/downloads the Starkcast is receiving. Here's a message from JimK:
My server blew up and may have taken the hard drives with it. But because I use Feedburner, I was able to resurrect my show by redirecting the RSS feed to Libsyn, and in a matter of a few hours I was back up and running and iTunes could see the new feed no problem.
Oh well, so much for the aliens.

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