Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Getting smacked around

I find it simply amazing that we're at a point in time when politicians can poke-fun and dive into a parody of the public school system. It's a well deserved mockery, as the California public school systems are flooded with more money than you can shake a stick at, and in the words of Tom McClintock, "... there’s an old saying that you can’t fill a broken bucket by pouring more water into it. Maybe it’s time to fix the bucket." Considering the billions of dollars that are wasted on education, and more than likely end up in the pockets of fat-cats, you'd think more attention would be paid to the need for more funding for peace officers. Here's a good example of why we need more feet on the street.
California's legal system frequently fails to issue and serve restraining orders in domestic-violence cases and even allows some abusers to own firearms, a critical report issued Tuesday said.

The report by the state Attorney General's Office also found there is no uniform protocol for serving or enforcing restraining orders; that mandatory education programs for offenders are not carried out; and that counties are failing to adequately update a weapons database with the names of domestic-violence abusers prohibited from possessing firearms.

"The laws on the books … need to be implemented and enforced," Attorney General Bill Lockyer, who commissioned the report, said during a news conference in San Francisco. "System fatigue is not a valid excuse."

The report, the result of two years of work by a task force assembled by Lockyer, laid out a history of institutional neglect toward domestic-violence victims, including the process of obtaining and enforcing restraining orders.

It noted that law enforcement agencies statewide received 186,439 domestic-violence calls in 2004 and made 46,353 arrests for spousal abuse, reflecting the scope of the problem.

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