Tuesday, July 12, 2005


The Great Flood

On Thursday, January 12, 2005, at 1836 hours, I was assigned as the 7B Module Officer from 1600 to 0000 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. Inmate Titian pressed his emergency call button located in cell 7B-9 upper tier. I asked Inmate Titian what his emergency was, but he did not answer. All I could hear through the intercom was the sound of running water. I noticed a large amount of water cascading down the right module stair case coming from cell 7B-9. In the window of the cell I could see Inmate Titian's face pressed to the glass of the cell window attempting to mouth something at me. I noticed a large amount of water coming down on his head thru the cell window.An audio and visual fire alarm activated as Central Control announced a Code 300, Fire and Water Flow Alarm, over the all call intercom system. I repeatedly told Inmate Titian to exit his cell over the intercom, as I used the panel to unlock cell 7B-9 Inmate Titian did not comply with my orders he was unable to hear the intercom or the door cycle due to the large amount of water coming down on his head. I then proceed to cell 7B-9 and using my keys unlocked the cell. As the cell door opened Inmate Titian was washed out of his cell with about a foot and a half of water. I check to see if Inmate Titian was alright.Sergeant XXXXX, Deputy One, and Deputy Two entered the 7B Module. The 7 Control Officer informed me over the radio that the high-pressure industrial sprinkler system had been shut off from the Control Center. The water continued to flow for five minutes before it stopped completely. Inmates were evacuated from cells 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, and 20 to the 7B recreation area due to water flowing into the cells and flooding of the day-room. Due to odor and the stagnate water staining his uniform, Inmate Titian was issued a new uniform and allowed to shower. I interviewed Inmate Titian about the sprinkler head break. Inmate Titian informed me that he was cold so he covered the sprinkler with a towel. I asked Inmate Titian why he didn't cover the air vent in the room instead, since air doesn't come out of the sprinkler head. Inmate Titian informed me he that was messing with the sprinkler head and it started to leak. Then, Inmate Titian pushed the intercom button in the cell to inform me of the leak, and that's when the sprinkler went off.Inmate Titian was taken to medical because of bruising and small skin lacerations due to high pressure water coming from the sprinkler.

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