Monday, July 18, 2005


Just Push Reset

On Saturday, May 30th 2005, I was assigned as the Booking Officer from 0000 to 0800 hours. A combative subject (Clarke) who was in holding cell 1E3, started to bang his restraints on the glass of 1E3. Inmate Clarke had previously been placed in two sets of handcuffs connected end-to-end due to his large girth. Inmate Clarke was able to pass the hand irons under his legs so the restraints were in front of him. Sergeant XXXX and Deputies One, Two, Three and I went into 1E3 to restrain Inmate Clarke with one set of handcuffs behind his back.

Inmate Clarke was instructed to kneel on the bench of 1E3. I was holding Inmate Clarke’s right arm while Deputy One was removing the restraints. Inmate Clarke tried to pull away from me and started to turn around on the bench. Deputy One and Two secured Inmate Clarke to the bench, as I secured his right arm. Inmate Clarke continued to pull away and was placed on the floor of 1E3 for better control. As inmate Clarke was being moved from the bench to the floor he struck his head on the floor. Deputy Three secured Inmate Clarke’s feet. Deputy One and Two secured his left arm and I secured the right arm.

Deputy Two placed handcuffs on Inmate Clarke, checked them for proper fit and double locked them. A spit hood covered inmate Clarke’s head as a precaution. We left him lying on his right side on the floor of 1E3. The nurse due to the large bump forming in the middle of his forehead checked inmate Clarke.
After the incident this inmate went from wanting to fight everyone to, “Yes Sir, No Sir.” He kept rubbing his forehead and stating, “Man, did someone kick my ass?’

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