Tuesday, July 26, 2005


Worthwhile government spending, part 1

In another effort to push for open borders and the erasure of the term "illegal immigration" from the U.S. and local penal codes, the Center for American Progress claims it'll cost $40 billion dollars a year to deport illegals who hopped the border. My response: Where can I toss-in few bucks?

The United States may have to spend $40 billion a year deporting undocumented people, a new report says.

The costs of deporting every undocumented person would be at least $206 billion over five years according to a new report released Tuesday by the Center for American Progress.

CAP, a Democratic-leaning think tank, described the report as the first-ever estimate of the costs of deporting every undocumented person in the United States and those who have successfully crossed the border with Mexico, which it estimates at around 10 million people.

Using publicly available data, the report, "Deporting the Undocumented: A Cost Assessment," estimates the costs of a mass deportation policy to be at least $41.2 billion annually.
In other words, this group claims it's too expensive to deport them, so their answer is to let them stay. That's the whiniest logic I've heard in a long time. Considering the fact that we have an administration that spends like drunken sailors, I don't think many people will turn away from spending the right amount of money to make sure their lives will be saved from potential terrorists crossing the border, as well as the constant unflux of illegals from Mexico. The vast majority of us support the spending in the war on terror, which has resulted in the spread of democracy to former tyrannic lands, so why not spend a few extra dollars to kick-out the people who don't belong here, and tighten border security?

I don't have a problem with it. What I do have a problem with is excessive spending on frivilous government programs, which do not include preventive measures such as border security and homeland defense.

Side Note: This is the first of the "Worthwhile government spending" posts, which I plan on continuing indefinitely. Look for The Jailer to chime-in with other worthwhile programs. It should be duly noted that because I support government defense programs, it doesn't mean I support many other government programs.

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