Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Update: Hurricane Relief

I've been debating for a few days about how to get a collection going for the hurricane relief in the south. Luckily, Lee at Right Thinking opened up a collection this morning through Catholic Charities. Here's the info.

If you’re planning on donating money for the relief effort, I recommend Catholic Charities. Go give a couple of bucks. And if you donated money to the tsunami victims, make sure that the amount you give to your countrymen is more. Charity begins at home, and the city of New Orleans has always been good to me.

Updates will be offered in this same post by both The Glorified Jailer and myself.

UPDATE: Instapundit has a boatload of links.

UPDATE: I had links posted, but it made the post too long. I suggest the Instapundit link above, as well as Drumwaster, Wizbang, and JimK's idea to save a few animals who are sure to get lose in the mayhem.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It Is a Conspiracy

On 08/21/2004, I investigated ticket/complaint form #79702 - Code 4322 for Refusal to Obey an Order; and #79703 - Code 4321 for Interference with Staff Duties. I spoke with Inmate Webb about the complaint forms. Inmate Webb Informed me that Deputy One is a no-good, racist cop and is lying about the incident.

Inmate Webb stated that he had finished his shower and Deputy One let him into his cell to put his shower items away. After Inmate Webb placed his shower items away, he returned to the day-room to play cards with other inmates. Around 0940 hours, Inmate Webb asked Deputy One if he could group unlock the cells so he could get an item from his cell. Deputy One informed Inmate Webb that he could return to his cell, but was not allowed to return to the day-room until the next group unlock at 1000 hours.

Inmate Webb informed me that he politely asked Deputy One if he could group unlock the cells because Deputy One did not unlock at 0900 hours. Webb stated that Deputy One told him to "bond the fuck out if he didn't like it.” He stated that Deputy One pointed his finger in his face like the "racist motherfucker he is," and Inmate Webb got mad. Inmate Webb and started to yell in the module and called Deputy One a "racist fucker" and he wanted the Sergeant down here now.

Deputy One informed Inmate Webb that he would have to contact the Housing Sergeant thru an Inmate Communication Form, and he needed to calm down. Inmate Webb demanded that he wanted the "fucking sergeant" down here now. Inmate Webb was order to lock down into his cell by Deputy One. Inmate Webb stated that he was not going to lock down and for Deputy One to call a code and get a Sergeant down here. Deputy Number One called a Code 90 (Officer Needs Assistance) due to Inmate Webb's disruptive behavior and refusing to lock down when ordered.

Sergeant XXXX and several escort officers entered the module. When the response team entered the module, Inmate Webb started to yell at them while stating they were "all racist mother fuckers" and that this was "a conspiracy against him."

Inmate Webb started to become visibly and verbally upset with me. I informed Inmate Webb that I am the investigation officer and I have nothing to due with the incident in question. Inmate Webb stated that he was not a "inmate" instead he was a "pre-trial detainee" so he does not have to do what he is told. He stated that he has the same rights as a person on bond and could do what ever he wants, and we all better figure that out. Inmate Webb also stated: "If you all find me guilty, I am going to throw piss and shit on all you officers, I have the same rights as a person on bond and I am going to sue all you racist mother fuckers. It is a conspiracy." I terminated the interview with Inmate Webb due to his combative behavior and incoherent ranting.

Monday, August 29, 2005


The Charger?

Dodge to chase police cruiser market.
The 2006 model year police cars will be available to police departments in Canada and the United States in the fourth quarter of this year, as DaimlerChrysler attempts to loosen the near stranglehold on the market held by Ford, which mass produces Crown Victoria Interceptors for police at its St. Thomas, Ont., assembly plant.
I wouldn’t mind seeing new vehicle designs in the United States Law Enforcement community, and I hope these cars will not explode when rear-ended.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Sunday Morning Zen

We shall not cease from exploration
and the end of all exploring will
be to arrive where we started and
know the place for the first time.

-T.S. Ellott

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Examination: Southwest unrest

Starting early this year with the Devin Brown incident, which I
dissected in this post, Los Angeles has been coming under increasing pressure from groups that specialize in mayhem. The communist group ANSWER has really taken the lead, and has been working behind the scenes in order to stir-up all sorts of trouble, a great deal of which can be read about in this post concerning the near-violent protests held for Jose Pena, the man who held his daughter and used her as a human shield in his shootout with the police. Another group, Indymedia, who has been investigated multiple times by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, posts editorials blaming the police for virtually everything in Los Angeles.

I'm not going to stand in the way of anyone who wants to be heard. The First Amendment of the Constitution allows for anyone standing on our soil to speak their mind, which is undoubtedly one of the greatest rights and freedoms available anywhere in the world. However, with freedom comes great responsibility; you cannot shout "fire" in a crowded theater, verbally threaten to harm someone, or dial 9-1-1 and shout explicitives to the operator because you're looking for attention. At the same time, you cannot demand that others take violent means in order to achieve a goal that you desire. That is known as inciting a riot, and it's exactly what the Nation of Islam's Tony Muhammad did on Friday, August 26th, when he encouraged his followers to take matters into their own hands, days after
claiming that ..." we will shut this city down," referring to the investigation into the Devin Brown incident.

Muhammad claimed that he was beaten, kicked, and sprayed with pepper spray by Los Angeles Police officers for no apparent reason, although a transcript of the incident clearly states otherwise.

As the transcript begins, an officer says, "Don't walk behind me, don't walk behind me."

Muhammad replies, "I'm not doing nothing, I'm not going nowhere."

After the officer tells him to "back up," Muhammad responds, "Make me."

The officer again says, "Back up," to Muhammad, who responds by shouting, "Make me."

The transcript ends with the officer calling for "additional units" and the dispatcher asking for clarification on what kind of help is needed. Police, who also played the recording from which the transcript was made, did not explain what happened next and are still investigating who instigated the violence that ensued.

During the Thursday incident in Hyde Park, Muhammad was arrested on suspicion of resisting or obstructing an officer. With his head and lip swollen, he held a news conference the next day. His supporters say police beat him without provocation.

If you take notice of the last line, it states that his supporters believe, even after evidence that is on tape, and in transcript for that clearly depicts his guilt, that the LAPD beat him just for the sake of beating him. What we're dealing with here does not have the makings of people who want to listen and work out their problems within their own communities, but it does have the makings of people who are looking to shift blame and make the Los Angeles Police Department scapegoats in their own internal struggles.

This situation began with paramedics responding to a scene where a drive-by shooting occurred. One of the victims, Nahum Beaird, was pronounced dead by paramedics, who covered him with a sheet and quickly moved to the next victim. While the dead body of Beaird was covered, it experienced a "cadaveric spasm," which is the sudden twitching or movements that dead bodies have as the muscles that were tense at the time of death gradually relax. The medical section of the Academic Database explains this in detail.
Cadaveric Spasm (instantaneous rigor, instantaneous rigidity) is a form of muscular stiffening which occurs at the moment of death and which persists into the period of rigor mortis. Its cause is unknown but it is usually associated with violent deaths in circumstances of intense emotion. It has medico-legal importance because it records the last act of life. Cadaveric spasm may affect all the muscles of the body but it most commonly involves groups of muscles only, such as the muscles of the forearms and hands. Should an object be held in the hand, then cadaveric spasm should only be
diagnosed if the object is firmly held and considerable force is required to break the grip.

Beaird, being a victim of a gang shooting, was most likely under a heavy amount of emotion as he saw his life flash before his eyes as his arch-rivals gunned him down. His body clenched onto life, but eventually lost the battle. However, the community did not understand this, and immediately began to blame the paramedics for not saving his life. LAPD officers responded, and the community eventually blamed the paramedics and the LAPD for what they believed was another case of them not responding fast enough, or not caring enough to save the life of Beaird. What they saw as a proof of life of him still being alive was actually a cadaveric spasm, something the paramedics are quite used to. They believed he was dead, and moved onto another victim who might have a chance at life.

What will become of the events of this situation, which is almost a week in the making? An off-the-books guess is as good as a well researched answer, as the chances of predicting what will happen tomorrow morning as the week begins are impossible. Only time will tell, due to the fact that the community is looking for a reason to blame everyone but themselves, and incidents like this fuel their fire. The best, and possibly the most peaceful outcome to this entire situation would involve self-reflection by the community, and a well defined tactic to relieve themselves of gang violence instead of blaming the LAPD who are doing their best to protect them from it.

UPDATE: The members of the internet community Democratic Underground are already comparing the LAPD to the Ku Klux Klan, complete with photo comparisons. What they fail to realize is that the LAPD is comprised of a majority black, Hispanic, and female base, thus making their comparison more propaganda-based, versus reality-based.

Friday, August 26, 2005


Various Topics and Issues

On Monday, August 21st, 2005, at 0112 hours, I was assigned as the 5A Module Officer from 0001 to 0800 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. I observed Inmate Dura sitting naked on the toilet masturbating in his assigned cell 5A-11 with his pillowcase on his head. I asked inmate Dura to remove the pillowcase from his head and stop masturbating towards the module. I asked Inmate Dura if he was trying to hurt himself by placing a pillowcase over his head. Inmate Dura replied, "No, I thought you were allowed to put a pillowcase on your head."
Inmate Dura asked me If I had couple of blunts. Inmate Dura further stated while he was masturbating he was thinking about a bet he had on a football game and how the players purposely lost to screw him over. Inmate Dura then took a bar of soup off the sink and started eating the soap while sitting naked on the toilet. I asked Inmate Inmate Dura why he was eating his soap. Inmate Dura replied, "This is what gives me strength." I informed Inmate Dura that he needed to quit masturbating and put his inmate uniform back on, and go to sleep. I placed Inmate Dura into lock down due to his bizarre behavior and so he could be evaluated by the psych staff.

During the night, I observed Inmate Dura eat another bar of soap and arguing with himself stating, "I am going to get a gun and blow that stupid mother fucking head off." Inmate Dura continued to yell, "Fuck You" and "Fuck you bitch" to himself or someone he perceived in his cell. Inmate Dura would also would lick his deodorant, and then hold it up to me stating, "This is what gives me power." Inmate Dura continued to talk to himself through out my shift on various topics and issues.


He Underestimates Our Power

A little peer pressure does a person good. Sipidation has underestimated the power of the Internet. It seems that he has found a Fallen Angel. So, it is up to us all to harass, annoy, and bother Sipidation until he asks the Angel out.

So lets start the harassment.

We will have to check with Rowdy to see if our peer pressure is working.


For all the Jane Fonda Fans

Charges Against Accused Fonda-Spitter Dropped
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Charges were dismissed Thursday against a Gladstone man accused of spitting on Jane Fonda during her visit to Kansas City earlier this year.

In April, Fonda held a book signing at Unity Temple on The Plaza. Police said 54-year-old Vietnam veteran Michael A. Smith stood in line for about 90 minutes, passed a book to Fonda and then spit a large amount of tobacco juice into her face.

Smith was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, which is a city charge.

The veteran said he had planned to plead guilty, but the judge took the case under advisement, saying if he stayed out of trouble, the charges would be dropped.

Fonda declined to prosecute Smith.

Smith told KMBC that his actions were planned and he has no regrets.
One of the things that bothered me about this story - other than it's gross to spit on someone - is if this guy is so proud of what he did, then why did he run like a little Bitch?
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Police said they arrested a man for spitting on Academy Award-winning actress Jane Fonda during a book-signing stop in Kansas City Tuesday night.

Fonda, 67, spoke at Unity Temple on The Plaza about her new book, "My Life So Far," and her new movie with Jennifer Lopez called "Monster-In-Law."

At about 9 p.m., police said a man who had been waiting in line for about 90 minutes, passed a book to Fonda and then spit a large amount of tobacco juice into her face.

"He whirled and spit at the same time," said Vivien Jennings, with Rainy Day Books.

The man then ran away and was taken into custody by off-duty officers, who were providing security for the event.

Michael A. Smith, 54, a Vietnam veteran, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, which is a city charge.


But It Was a Talking Catfish

Once again stupidity seeps from Kansas City
KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A man was nursing a gunshot wound to his leg after he was shot over a fish.

It happened at about 10:15 p.m. at Troost Lake.

A woman told police she and her nephew were fishing when two men walked up and wanted the fish they'd caught.

They refused to give it to them, so one of the men pulled out a gun, shot the man in the leg and snatched the fish.

The victim was expected to recover.

Police hadn't caught the gunmen at last check.
Things are getting so stupid around here. I can’t even think of an original smartass comment anymore. Make sure you check out the news videos.


The Downward Spiral

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Case brief requests

I just realized that I haven't done a case brief in over a month.

Are there any Supreme Court decisions you want (or need) briefed? Leave a message in the comments section and I'll get busy.
Previous case briefs:


Starkcast, part 15

According to sources, there's a pretty darned good chance that The Glorified Jailer will be making a guest appearance on the Starkcast pretty soon. If you haven't heard the Starkcast*, it's well worth a half an hour of your time.

* Contains profanity

Get it here in MP3 or here in bookmarkable AAC.


The American Bubble

At the end of the day a Bear is still a Bear.
A MEXICAN city at the heart of a raging drug war is trying to woo back jittery Texan day trippers by offering free bus tours with an armed police escort.

"The aim is to shake off the bad image that we have and give a boost to the craft markets and restaurants in the centre, where business is almost nil," Nuevo Laredo's tourism director Ramon Garza said today.

The tourist board in the city, which is across the Rio Grande from Laredo, Texas, is sending charter buses to pick up tourists from San Antonio for day tours escorted by guides and police motorcycle outriders.

The three-times-a-week service began in mid-August and comes after more than 115 people have been gunned down in the Nuevo Laredo this year as rival drug gangs battle for control of the lucrative cross-border trade in cocaine, marijuana and heroin.

The escorted visits are being welcomed by traders in the sweltering border city, where several bars and tourist trinket shops have closed since the troubles began last year.

"Tourists think that gangs are waiting to pick them off as soon as they come over the bridge, so anything that the authorities do to challenge that is welcome," trinket stall holder Pedro Rivera said at an empty craft market.

Washington has issued repeated travel warnings urging US visitors to stay away from crime-wracked Mexican border cities this year, singling out Nuevo Laredo, where more than 40 US citizens have been kidnapped in the past year, for special mention.
The United States shut its consulate in the city for a week early this month after drug gangs fired bazookas and raked each other with machine gun fire in a street battle.
When I worked at Glacier National Park, all the workers had to attend safety classes given by the Park Rangers. One class was about bear safety. It was pretty straight forward, “Don’t mess with them and they won’t kill you.” The Ranger told us that every year a tourist tries to pet/play with a bear to only meet their timely end, or just get mauled. Well, sure enough, about a month later a hiker went down. He thought he was at a great big petting zoo.

Nuevo Laredo is the bear.


Jackson County Vs. Riverside County

So where is the Meth Capital?
The Kansas City Star and the Los Angeles Times must have put the phrase on a hot key in 2003, repeatedly claiming Jackson County and Riverside County, respectively, as the capital.
I am going with Jackson County, because Rolling Stone said so.
McNamara said Missouri had more identified methamphetamine labs in 1996 than any other state in the nation. In its February 19 issue, Rolling Stone magazine recently declared Jackson County, Mo., "the methamphetamine capital of the world." Kansas City is located in Jackson County, Mo.

In 1996, the Drug Enforcement Administration shut down 235 clandestine labs in Missouri, 80 more than it shut down in California, which has been the perennial leader in meth manufacturing. Only two labs were identified in 1992 in Missouri. In 1997, that number increased to 455.


Every city needs one

Hugh Hewit nails it right on the head, and I couldn't agree with him more.
Long overdue: The country's best city blog is LA Observed. (If you disagree, send me the would-be competitor.) Every city (and town) deserves a Kevin Roderick. Even if he is partial to the Los Angeles Times.

Another worthy crime-noire blog that I've been meaning to highlight is the 1947 Project. The author(s) take the time to re-type and digitalize actual police reports and prosecutions from the year 1947. History buffs should be as impressed with the seemingly black-and-white site (done intentionally to match with the era of reporting) as crime buffs should be with the content.


Artistic expression

I refuse to call it "art" when some guy decides it'll be a good idea to turn the side of a pharmacy, corner store, shipping company, or warehouse into his own personal Etch-A-Sketch. The Los Angeles City suburb of Boyle Heights agrees with me.
Though some consider the graffiti look a legitimate — even hip — form of art, others, including city leaders and police, remain convinced it is a symbol of blight and crime. The debate has also roiled New York, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently tried to revoke a block party permit for fashion designer Marc Ecko featuring taggers spray-painting graffiti on replicas of subway car panels. Ecko insists tagging is art, but Bloomberg argued the party would encourage vandalism. A judge this week sided with Ecko, and the party occurred Wednesday.

I can understand if it's an actual mural. If you drive on the freeways of Los Angeles, you'll see all sorts of murals depicting sports figured, musicians, and founders of this great city. However, the lines becomes blurred once the so-called artists create a mural that mirrors the tagging by various gangsters that are less than twenty feet away.

UPDATE: Scott McLane enjoys the murals.


Topping the charts

It's good to know that we're still number one in some area.
Fewer cars were stolen last year in the United States, but the car mecca that is California has earned the unfortunate distinction of the nation's auto-theft hotspot, according to a report this week.

The state is home to seven of the 10 metropolitan areas ranked highest in vehicle theft rates in 2004, a report by the National Insurance Crime Bureau found.

Call me crazy, but wouldn't it be more efficient --- by today's standards --- to just declare a state of emergency?

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


My Keys, Wallet, oh and My Smokes

Inmate Parker an old school inmate came in last night. He has been in and out of the county jail since I started working with the Sheriff’s Office. I haven’t seen him for a couple of years. When he saw me he had the look of dammit its The Glorified Jailer. Inmate Parker was not happy to see me because I knew his past. He was hoping for some new Deputies that would not recognize him. And what is his past you may wonder? Inmate Parker packs his rectum with tobacco. Whenever Inmate Parker has a warrant out for his arrest or thinks he my be arrested he will pack his rectum with balloons filled with tobacco that he plans to sell within the detention center. The reason he packs tobacco and not anothor form of drug is because my department handles tobacco in house with lockdown time. We will charge Inmates that bring in Drugs.

We found out about this several years ago after another inmate narced on him. The inmate had just smoke a freshly rolled smoke, and then found out it came out of Inmate Parker's ass. He was so pissed that he informed us on Inmate Parker and his whole plan. The inmate stated that he didn’t smoke anything out of another man's ass.

So, Inmate Parker was placed into a holding cell with the water off and a deputy watching him until he had a movement and the smokes came out. He had only one balloon that time. He had all ready “smoked out” i.e. smoke and sold the tobacco. Another time, we caught him early by placing him in his housing cell and watching him without his knowledge. Inmate Parker produced eighteen balloons out of his rectum and then placed them in the cell trashcan. He was surprised when we opened the cell and took his stash from him.

This time, Inmate Parker produced three golf-ball sized tobacco mounds wrapped tightly in plastic wrap. So, I made a deal with him - just give them up and no lock-down.

My first time coming across cigarette contraband was sort of a trial by fire. I was walking rounds and saw a new inmate trying to light up a freshly rolled cigarette. I opened the cell door and confiscated the tobacco in a small potato chip bag and the lighter. I took the contraband to the officer’s station and started to write up the tickets. Then I smelled something... well, lets say...crap. I looked at the chip bag and noticed crap. Now, today I would have realized that to get contraband into the housing area you have to go through a strip search, so it had to come out of the rectum. I would've gloved up if I knew. Needless to say I went through a complete jug of alcohol gel and washed my hands over and over and sprayed down everything about a million times.

Update: Welcome Farkers come in and look around. Just a reminder “for some” it’s just a dopey Blog.


If, "Only"

Monday, August 22, 2005


To Prevent Razor Burn

I was asked to respond to the 17B module by the Housing Sergeant to assist with an unruly inmate. As I entered the module, I noticed an inmate standing in the cell window of 17B-3 with his shirt off. As I walked closer to the cell, I noticed that the inmate had taken feces and rubbed it into is beard. The inmate yelled from his cell that he needed a razor to shave off his beard. The Housing Sergeant asked the inmate why he rubbed feces in his beard. The Inmate then proceeded to reach into the cell toilet and produce a piece of feces and began to work the feces into his beard. While working the feces into his beard, the Inmate stated that the Module Officer refused to give him a razor and that he needed to shave for his visit tomorrow. The inmate was informed that razors are passed out on evening shift at that it was too late to shave. The inmate insisted that he wanted to shave now. I asked the inmate thru the cell door why was he rubbing feces into his beard? The inmate replied that feces prevent razor burn and that the soap we provide gives him razor burn. The inmate then placed feces into his hand and was rolling into a ball. The Inmate started to become agitated about not being able to shave and stared to yell profanities at us. The housing Sergeant informed the inmate that he needed to calm down and wash the feces off his face. The Inmate placed the ball of feces on the sink, kneeled in the middle of the cell, and leaned over the toilet. The inmate started to scoop water with his hand while placing his head inside the toilet, and then using the toilet water to wash the fecal matter from his beard. Then Inmate grabbed a comb and started to comb his beard out. The whole time mumbling that he just needed to shave.

Then the Inmate was ordered to take the ball of feces that he had hand-rolled and place it into the toilet. The Inmate proceeded to place the ball of feces on his tongue and state, “Do you dare me to swallow it?” The Inmate was instructed to spit the feces out into the toilet. The inmate tried to state something but it was unintelligible due to the saliva pooling in his mouth with the feces floating on top of his tongue. The inmate closed his mouth and pressed the feces through the cracks and chips of his rotten teeth with his tongue. The inmate was provided cleaning gear and was instructed that he would not be allowed to leave his cell until he cleaned the bio hazarded he created.

Sunday, August 21, 2005



Am I the only one that finds it strange that the California Department of Corrections is now called the California Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation?

What ever happened to punishing criminals?

Side Note: Lee has a great post that talks about how criminals in Australia are allowed "weekend getaways" such as skiiing, movies, and most likely latte and steak dinners. I'm guessing that massages and steam baths aren't too far away.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Stupid is as Stupid.....

Escape From Bondsmen Turns Deadly
KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- What began as an unpaid city bond ended in death. Officers told KCTV5 News that the victim may have been trying to hide from bounty hunters on a ledge outside the windows of a seventh story apartment, but something went terribly wrong and he fell to his death.
I blame the bondsmen. If they didn't show up looking for the bond skipper, he would have never tried to hide on a window ledge. And just how much was the bond anyway?
That bond the victim allegedly skipped out on wasn't for a major crime. It was a $500 bond for a city charge
You risked your life over a five hundred dollar bond and lost? I hope there is more to the story than this... like a lot of dope on him or something like that. This is just stupid!

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Paying the perps

The masterful Jack Dunphy has a new column that's a great read. He covers a subject that many of us have wondered for a long time: At what point will officers take their time responding to a crime scene, or just allow the situation to "take its course" if their action is going to result in a walk to the unemployment line?

Officer John Hatfield was an on-scene officer in a high-speed chase that ended in a foot pursuit, at which time he disabled the assailant by using his flashlight as a weapon. The criminal asked for an aspirin when he was put into an interrogation room, and meanwhile, a civil service commission is reviewing whether or not Hatfield will get to keep his job.
There have been some 300 murders committed this year in Los Angeles, about half of them in the four patrol divisions that cover South and South Central L.A. The only reason this number isn't two, three, or ten times as high is that people like John Hatfield are willing to go out in the dead of night and put themselves between the predators and the prey. If he loses his job, a very loud message will be heard by those he leaves behind: The pay is the same whether I arrest anyone or not. Why take any chances?


Get Well Deputy

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A homecoming tribute for Don Knotts in his native West Virginia has been canceled because the 81-year-old actor best known for his role as Deputy Barney Fife on "The Andy Griffith Show" is too frail to travel, organizers said on Wednesday.

Due to unspecified health problems, the actor was advised by his doctors not to make the cross-country trip this summer, said Jack Thompson, a spokesman for the convention and visitors bureau in Knotts' hometown of Morgantown, West Virginia.

As a result, a weekend-long festival that had been scheduled for Aug. 12-14 has been postponed indefinitely.

"We really wanted to honor him, and for us to do that properly, we just needed him to be here," Thompson said.

Thompson said the city would go ahead with a few events that had been planned as part of the festival, including commemoration of a sidewalk star along the city's main street and the opening of a monthlong memorabilia exhibit.

The town's daily newspaper, The Dominion Post, said the actor in a phone call described himself as mobile, though not feeling well.

"I'm sorry I couldn't make it," he was quoted as telling the newspaper. "I would have liked to have come back."
Knotts is best remembered for his TV role as Barney Fife, the excitable sidekick and loyal deputy to the town sheriff, Andy Taylor, played by Andy Griffith on his 1960s comedy series. Knotts' performance on the CBS hit, set in the sleepy North Carolina town of Mayberry, earned him five Emmy Awards.

Knotts left the series in 1965 to host his own variety show and later played landlord Ralph Furley on the 1970s-80s sitcom "Three's Company."

I am a huge Don Knotts fan. I saw Don Knotts in a off-broadway play for my anniversary about nine years ago. I was also in a elevator with an elderly man. I did't pay him much mind until I noticed that it was Don Knotts – I had to double-take. You don't run into many celebraties out here. I said, "Hello," and he just smiled at me. That was six years ago and he looked very frail then. I wish him all the best.


Attack Of The Skullet

On Monday, August 15th, 2005 I was assigned as the booking officer in the Kaw County Adult Detention from 0000 to 0800. I was informed in pass-on that Inmate Keo standing in 113 holding cell was being verbally combative towards deputies. Throughout the first hour of my shift, Inmate Keo was yelling obscenities, and staring at Deputy Johnson and me while banging on the holding cell window. At Approximately 0100 hours, Inmate Keo passed out and was asleep on the floor of 113 holding cell.
This Inmate was 4’2” and stocky, he had a “skullet.” For all of you who don’t know what a skullet is, it is a mullet with the head shaved on the side and a spiked top. I tried not to laugh at the situation but I am 6’4 and it just hard sometimes to take things that are hilarious and act like they’re not.
At 0145 hours, Inmate Keo was told to step out of holding cell 113 to begin the booking process. Inmate Keo was instructed by Deputy Steven to sit on the bench in front of holding cell 113. Inmate Keo had a drawstring in his pants that needed to be removed. Deputy Steven walked over to the uniform rack to retrieve a pair of uniform pants for Inmate Keo. Deputy Steven turned and asked Inmate Keo what size he needed. Inmate Keo began to stand up from the bench, turn towards Deputy Steven flexing with clinched hands and stated, “What size do I look like you stupid mother fucker?"
I grabbed Inmate Keo’s left arm and placed him on the ground. Inmate Keo rolled and pulled away from my grasp grabbing my right leg with his right arm and tucked his head around my leg. I then delivered several strikes to his right arm (upper triceps) in an attempt to make him release his hold. Deputy Read secured Inmate Keo head by grasping the hypo-glossal to prevent Inmate Keo from biting my leg. Deputy Nees secured Inmate Keo’s right arm and I was able to pull my leg away from Inmate Keo. Deputy Read then released his head and helped Deputy Steven secure his legs. Sergeant Glassen then applied a handcuff to the right arm I had secured and then I proceeded to cuff Inmate Keo behind his back.
When I say he “grabbed” my leg, that’s really an understatement. Inmate Keo had a bear hug – a death grip for dear life. (Or a dog trying to hump my leg) As I moved my other leg up to kick him in the face, I thought about all the paperwork I would have to do as a result. Later, I thought about how odd it is that before I deliver a strike I think about the paperwork involved and then decide if it’s worth it.
Inmate Keo was placed into holding cell 014. Sergeant Glassen ask for the nurse to respond to the booking lounge to check Inmate Keo’s cuffs and to check for injuries. Inmate Keo stated to the nurse that he was fine and no apparent injuries where seen on his person.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


You Bugger

Lifted from Drumwaster and Right Thoughts.

Your word is BUGGER. You are generally quite
restrained, but sometimes your anger or
frustration come to the surface and it all
comes out. Yet you somehow can't stop sounding
polite, despite it all.

Which Swear (Curse) Word Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


Outside Jurisdiction: Washington DC bomb scare

Some jokers in Washington, D.C. decided it would be a good idea to plant a fake bomb in the Mayflower Hotel.
Fire and Emergency Medical Services destroyed a hoax bomb Sunday found in Washington, D.C.'s famous Renaissance Mayflower Hotel.

D.C. Fire Department spokesman Alan Etter said that the bomb squad had confirmed a possible explosive device in the building and emergency responders had evacuated about 300 people from the hotel.

Bomb technicians went in to "disrupt the device," which they then learned was a phony object meant to look like a bomb, Etter said.

Bomb technicians disabled the device using a water cannon at 2:20 p.m. EDT, he said.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


Wanted, Weak Minded Bitch and Scum

Couple eluded capture by minutes

George Hyatte #134310 and his Weak Minded former prison nurse helped her husband escape by fatally shooting Correctional Officer Wyane (Cotton) Morgan who was escorting Hyatte (Scum) outside Roane County Courthouse in Kingston Tennessee.

Bitch and Scum are now in custody. Curt has a link in the comments to the story. I hope her wound is blood seeping from the skull - alot of blood.


Updated: Confidential Informant rules of engagement

I found this story when I was browsing Kevin Roderick's blog earlier today, and I think it's a blessing in disguise that there hasn't been more publicity surrounding it. Ask any cop and they'll tell you that one of the greatest weapons in their arsenal is a good CI (confidential informant). Then tips and leads from CI's are worth more when requesting a search warrant than anything else, and the combination of facts and circumstances plus a lead from a CI, or corroboration to back up what the CI told you can push the reasonable suspicion past the fifty percent (50%) mark, allowing for most judges to sign-off on your probable cause determination and/or issue a warrant.

An unfortunate situation that occurred a few years back was the Rampart scandal. I'm not going to go into detail about the chain of events, because frankly, I do not think the few bad apples that fell from the tree justify the demonization of the entire department that has become a reality since the scandal occurred. If you want to know more about it, I highly recommend following the link above to the PBS article, which covers it --- without any bias in either direction --- better than any other source you will read.

As of today, the LAPD is once again allowed to use CI's to garner leads and provide tips to crimes in progress, or crimes that will be happening soon.

Stressing the need to fight gang crime, Los Angeles police want to ease a post-Rampart scandal restriction on the use of confidential informants.

The Police Commission on Tuesday endorsed an LAPD pilot program that would allow uniformed gang enforcement officers to use confidential - and, in some cases, paid - informants. The practice is banned under the federal consent decree because it was abused by officers involved in the LAPD's Rampart Division scandal.

"I want to be able to give the tools to our gang-detail people to be able to start cultivating informants," said Deputy Chief Michael Hillmann. "They're out there, and these guys are on the ground. They're talking to people all the time."

While I want to be able to say that it's possible to infiltrate and gather intelligence on gang crimes strictly from a gumshoe technique, I also know from personal experience that most of the information is too old and too filtered once it's in the hands of the units. Detectives have a better chance, because they're still allowed to use CI's, but for uniformed officers trying to provide intelligence services to the investigators, unless they have a crystal ball that tells them what's going on, then it's an uphill battle.

This is a great move by the LAPD.


Two's company

For years I've been saying that law school doesn't need to be any longer than two years for full time students. In fact, if you want to get down to brass tacks, there's no reason why a minimum amount of time should be placed on the education of advocates, and as most find out, the lessons from the classroom tend to make sense only at the point that they start their internship, or are forced into a courtroom to hear real-time proceedings take place. The ABA and most state BAR's have set time regulations for the minimum amount of time that it is required for students to sit in a classroom to be eligible to sit for the BAR. California, by far, is the most liberal, and in my opinion, one of the best states to practice in because you have the opportunity --- which is a Constitutional right --- to become an advocate for the people in a way that suites you best. Here's what Section 6060 of the California Business and Professional Code reads:

Article 4. Admission to the Practice of Law

Section 6060.

To be certified to the Supreme Court for admission and a license to practice law, a person who does not comply with Section 6062 shall possess all of the following qualifications:

(e) Have either:

(3) Studied law diligently and in good faith for at least four years in any of the following manners: . .
(iv) By instruction in law from a correspondence law school authorized or approved to confer professional degrees by this state and requiring 864 hours of preparation and study per year for four years.

That's the exact layout of the copy as found on ALU's School of Law website. I've ranted about how I believe independent, non-accredited law school such as ALU and Concord will quickly become the leading force in legal education over the next few years, especially as the ABA and state BAR's take note of their passage rate, as well as the sheer number of students who want a legal education not only to practice law, but also to further their careers by picking up a law degree.

Getting back on track, we're talking about time. When you take into consideration that many schools are offering joint MBA/JD programs that allow you to complete your MBA and JD in three to four years, and that a number of law school are offering adult study and working adult programs that allow people to complete their law degree from ABA accredited schools in four years, it's not hard to pose the question about why law schools still continue to make their full time students sit through three years of school, when the entire process can be completed in two years. Here's the case in point.

At many top law schools, the third year is famously relaxed, a halcyon interlude between rigorous introductory courses and the long hours that await graduates at law firm jobs. There is research and volunteer work, but also a lot of bar-hopping and little studying: 15 hours per week, according to one survey at 11 law schools, compared to 33 hours for first-year students.

But if it's an extended vacation, it's pricey: $30,000 or more at top private schools. And at many law schools, grads can't count on the six-figure salaries awaiting many at the most prestigious programs, so an extra year of debt is a big burden.

Some educators want to see the third year beefed up, arguing the law is more complex than ever and future lawyers need more preparation, both for the bar and exam and for their careers. But others want it dropped.

Critics say there's so much law that students will learn most of it on the job, anyway. They see the third year as a revenue racket, a full-employment scheme for faculty that comes at the expense of non-elite school students and discourages them from taking public service jobs.

It's a periodic debate in legal education, and with tuition going ever higher, there are signs it's heating up again.

The American Bar Association recently updated its accreditation guidelines for law schools to require more total minutes of instruction, but offering schools more flexibility in how that's structured.

That prompted the University of Dayton to announce a program starting this fall designed to help students earn a J.D. in two years, including summer work. It has no fewer requirements and doesn't charge less, but it saves students a year of living expenses.

You won't hear any argument from me.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


Giving Chris a hand

As most of you know, Chris Muir from the Day by Day cartoon has been a supporter of The Horseback Riders since we started. In fact, he's one of the big-timers who actually takes the time to respond to e-mails, and has the care and dedication to include more than three words with two syllables. You can help Chris' sister by clicking this link, and the reason why is explained in the cartoon below.

Click here to help Cathy


Out and about

Sorry the posting has been so light lately. I've been tied-up with some big cases at work, on top of a few essays I'm writing in my free time. Things should be back to normal early next week.

Until then, your homework assignment is to dig through the archived posts and have some fun.

See you in a bit.

Friday, August 05, 2005


Detained: Border Patrol agent

Nothing hurts me more than when one of our own in the law enforcement community is accused of a crime, especially when we believe he's innocent. I wish I could say I feel the same way about this guy.
A Border Patrol agent was charged Friday with smuggling illegal immigrants and forging a birth certificate to get hired.

Oscar Antonio Ortiz, a Mexican citizen who was born in Tijuana, allegedly secured his job with the Border Patrol in 2001 by using a fake birth certificate that stated he was born in Chicago.

Authorities say the number on his birth certificate corresponds to that of another person who was born one month before him.

Ortiz, 28, pleaded not guilty to charges of migrant smuggling and making a false citizenship claim. U.S. Magistrate Judge Anthony Battaglia scheduled a hearing Wednesday to consider bail.

Great. And we had this guy working on our border security? He's using his badge to smuggle illegal aliens into the country, which makes me sick to my stomach. It's people like this who give honest people with badges a bad name.

Maybe this guy was in cahoots with the DMV workers in Northern California who were hooking up illegal aliens with California drivers licenses.
Four Department of Motor Vehicles employees and four others were charged in a bribery scheme to provide driver's licenses and state identification cards to illegal immigrants and others, according to federal prosecutors.

The indictments by a federal grand jury were unsealed Thursday.

DMV worker Frances Aliganga, 53, of Fairfield allegedly conspired with Veronica Rivera, 53, of Daly City in a cash-for-licenses scam from November 2003 through this June.

Rivera, who didn't work for DMV, allegedly offered to sell the cards to illegal immigrants for $3,000 to $4,500 each, prosecutors said. The indictment said Rivera provided fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers for people to use in their DMV applications and Aliganga then granted the licenses.

About 200 fraudulent licenses and ID cards were issued, according to the indictment.

DMV worker Brachelle Fifer, 43, of Oakland was charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud. She's accused of putting false information in DMV computers for cash bribes of $100 each.

DMV worker Stephanie Denise Davis, 37, and Shahid Hamid, 45, both of Oakland, are accused of conspiracy and mail fraud for selling vehicle registration stickers to people whose cars hadn't passed smog tests, and for selling licenses to people who hadn't taken exams.

DMV worker Leneka Pendergrass, 27; Keith Williams, 40; and Adrian Gomez Zepeda, 31; all of Oakland, are charged with conspiracy and mail fraud for letting people use false identities to get driver's licenses or ID cards. Williams and Zepeda are accused of recruiting paying customers, whose applications were handled by Pendergrass.

I wonder if the illegals had to wait in line as long as the rest of us do?

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Heal this

Life is getting tougher by the day for spiritual healers who rip-off people and then have sex with them.
A Topanga spiritual healer pleaded no contest Wednesday to misdemeanor practicing medicine without certification.

Felix Babu Stephen, 43, a native of India and a legal U.S. resident, acted because he feared possible deportation, his lawyer said. Originally charged with three felonies, he could have been found guilty of a lesser offense, operating a massage business without a valid license. The charge, associated with prostitution, is considered a crime of "moral turpitude" and could get him in trouble with immigration authorities, defense attorney John Stanley said.

Stephen had been charged with felony practicing medicine without a license, grand theft for allegedly taking more than $200,000 from a woman who sought treatments for a pinched nerve, and possession of codeine, a controlled substance.

The case stemmed from a complaint by Anita Lenaburg that Stephen's treatment involved drugs and sex inside his yurt, a tent-like dome at his hilly compound. Two other women also alleged sex abuse, but authorities ruled the acts were consensual or uncorroborated.

Sure, I use that pickup line all the time. "If you have sex with me, you're going to experience great health!" Can you imagine what would happen if any man outside of this yahoo and his followers said that? He'd get slapped up and down the street by every woman within a fifty mile radius, and rightfully so. Of course, the establishment of a cult immediately rules out any possible alterior motives this guy surely didn't have, right Felix?

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