Thursday, August 25, 2005


Artistic expression

I refuse to call it "art" when some guy decides it'll be a good idea to turn the side of a pharmacy, corner store, shipping company, or warehouse into his own personal Etch-A-Sketch. The Los Angeles City suburb of Boyle Heights agrees with me.
Though some consider the graffiti look a legitimate — even hip — form of art, others, including city leaders and police, remain convinced it is a symbol of blight and crime. The debate has also roiled New York, where Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently tried to revoke a block party permit for fashion designer Marc Ecko featuring taggers spray-painting graffiti on replicas of subway car panels. Ecko insists tagging is art, but Bloomberg argued the party would encourage vandalism. A judge this week sided with Ecko, and the party occurred Wednesday.

I can understand if it's an actual mural. If you drive on the freeways of Los Angeles, you'll see all sorts of murals depicting sports figured, musicians, and founders of this great city. However, the lines becomes blurred once the so-called artists create a mural that mirrors the tagging by various gangsters that are less than twenty feet away.

UPDATE: Scott McLane enjoys the murals.

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