Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Attack Of The Skullet

On Monday, August 15th, 2005 I was assigned as the booking officer in the Kaw County Adult Detention from 0000 to 0800. I was informed in pass-on that Inmate Keo standing in 113 holding cell was being verbally combative towards deputies. Throughout the first hour of my shift, Inmate Keo was yelling obscenities, and staring at Deputy Johnson and me while banging on the holding cell window. At Approximately 0100 hours, Inmate Keo passed out and was asleep on the floor of 113 holding cell.
This Inmate was 4’2” and stocky, he had a “skullet.” For all of you who don’t know what a skullet is, it is a mullet with the head shaved on the side and a spiked top. I tried not to laugh at the situation but I am 6’4 and it just hard sometimes to take things that are hilarious and act like they’re not.
At 0145 hours, Inmate Keo was told to step out of holding cell 113 to begin the booking process. Inmate Keo was instructed by Deputy Steven to sit on the bench in front of holding cell 113. Inmate Keo had a drawstring in his pants that needed to be removed. Deputy Steven walked over to the uniform rack to retrieve a pair of uniform pants for Inmate Keo. Deputy Steven turned and asked Inmate Keo what size he needed. Inmate Keo began to stand up from the bench, turn towards Deputy Steven flexing with clinched hands and stated, “What size do I look like you stupid mother fucker?"
I grabbed Inmate Keo’s left arm and placed him on the ground. Inmate Keo rolled and pulled away from my grasp grabbing my right leg with his right arm and tucked his head around my leg. I then delivered several strikes to his right arm (upper triceps) in an attempt to make him release his hold. Deputy Read secured Inmate Keo head by grasping the hypo-glossal to prevent Inmate Keo from biting my leg. Deputy Nees secured Inmate Keo’s right arm and I was able to pull my leg away from Inmate Keo. Deputy Read then released his head and helped Deputy Steven secure his legs. Sergeant Glassen then applied a handcuff to the right arm I had secured and then I proceeded to cuff Inmate Keo behind his back.
When I say he “grabbed” my leg, that’s really an understatement. Inmate Keo had a bear hug – a death grip for dear life. (Or a dog trying to hump my leg) As I moved my other leg up to kick him in the face, I thought about all the paperwork I would have to do as a result. Later, I thought about how odd it is that before I deliver a strike I think about the paperwork involved and then decide if it’s worth it.
Inmate Keo was placed into holding cell 014. Sergeant Glassen ask for the nurse to respond to the booking lounge to check Inmate Keo’s cuffs and to check for injuries. Inmate Keo stated to the nurse that he was fine and no apparent injuries where seen on his person.

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