Friday, August 05, 2005


Detained: Border Patrol agent

Nothing hurts me more than when one of our own in the law enforcement community is accused of a crime, especially when we believe he's innocent. I wish I could say I feel the same way about this guy.
A Border Patrol agent was charged Friday with smuggling illegal immigrants and forging a birth certificate to get hired.

Oscar Antonio Ortiz, a Mexican citizen who was born in Tijuana, allegedly secured his job with the Border Patrol in 2001 by using a fake birth certificate that stated he was born in Chicago.

Authorities say the number on his birth certificate corresponds to that of another person who was born one month before him.

Ortiz, 28, pleaded not guilty to charges of migrant smuggling and making a false citizenship claim. U.S. Magistrate Judge Anthony Battaglia scheduled a hearing Wednesday to consider bail.

Great. And we had this guy working on our border security? He's using his badge to smuggle illegal aliens into the country, which makes me sick to my stomach. It's people like this who give honest people with badges a bad name.

Maybe this guy was in cahoots with the DMV workers in Northern California who were hooking up illegal aliens with California drivers licenses.
Four Department of Motor Vehicles employees and four others were charged in a bribery scheme to provide driver's licenses and state identification cards to illegal immigrants and others, according to federal prosecutors.

The indictments by a federal grand jury were unsealed Thursday.

DMV worker Frances Aliganga, 53, of Fairfield allegedly conspired with Veronica Rivera, 53, of Daly City in a cash-for-licenses scam from November 2003 through this June.

Rivera, who didn't work for DMV, allegedly offered to sell the cards to illegal immigrants for $3,000 to $4,500 each, prosecutors said. The indictment said Rivera provided fraudulently obtained Social Security numbers for people to use in their DMV applications and Aliganga then granted the licenses.

About 200 fraudulent licenses and ID cards were issued, according to the indictment.

DMV worker Brachelle Fifer, 43, of Oakland was charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud. She's accused of putting false information in DMV computers for cash bribes of $100 each.

DMV worker Stephanie Denise Davis, 37, and Shahid Hamid, 45, both of Oakland, are accused of conspiracy and mail fraud for selling vehicle registration stickers to people whose cars hadn't passed smog tests, and for selling licenses to people who hadn't taken exams.

DMV worker Leneka Pendergrass, 27; Keith Williams, 40; and Adrian Gomez Zepeda, 31; all of Oakland, are charged with conspiracy and mail fraud for letting people use false identities to get driver's licenses or ID cards. Williams and Zepeda are accused of recruiting paying customers, whose applications were handled by Pendergrass.

I wonder if the illegals had to wait in line as long as the rest of us do?

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