Thursday, August 04, 2005


Heal this

Life is getting tougher by the day for spiritual healers who rip-off people and then have sex with them.
A Topanga spiritual healer pleaded no contest Wednesday to misdemeanor practicing medicine without certification.

Felix Babu Stephen, 43, a native of India and a legal U.S. resident, acted because he feared possible deportation, his lawyer said. Originally charged with three felonies, he could have been found guilty of a lesser offense, operating a massage business without a valid license. The charge, associated with prostitution, is considered a crime of "moral turpitude" and could get him in trouble with immigration authorities, defense attorney John Stanley said.

Stephen had been charged with felony practicing medicine without a license, grand theft for allegedly taking more than $200,000 from a woman who sought treatments for a pinched nerve, and possession of codeine, a controlled substance.

The case stemmed from a complaint by Anita Lenaburg that Stephen's treatment involved drugs and sex inside his yurt, a tent-like dome at his hilly compound. Two other women also alleged sex abuse, but authorities ruled the acts were consensual or uncorroborated.

Sure, I use that pickup line all the time. "If you have sex with me, you're going to experience great health!" Can you imagine what would happen if any man outside of this yahoo and his followers said that? He'd get slapped up and down the street by every woman within a fifty mile radius, and rightfully so. Of course, the establishment of a cult immediately rules out any possible alterior motives this guy surely didn't have, right Felix?

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