Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It Is a Conspiracy

On 08/21/2004, I investigated ticket/complaint form #79702 - Code 4322 for Refusal to Obey an Order; and #79703 - Code 4321 for Interference with Staff Duties. I spoke with Inmate Webb about the complaint forms. Inmate Webb Informed me that Deputy One is a no-good, racist cop and is lying about the incident.

Inmate Webb stated that he had finished his shower and Deputy One let him into his cell to put his shower items away. After Inmate Webb placed his shower items away, he returned to the day-room to play cards with other inmates. Around 0940 hours, Inmate Webb asked Deputy One if he could group unlock the cells so he could get an item from his cell. Deputy One informed Inmate Webb that he could return to his cell, but was not allowed to return to the day-room until the next group unlock at 1000 hours.

Inmate Webb informed me that he politely asked Deputy One if he could group unlock the cells because Deputy One did not unlock at 0900 hours. Webb stated that Deputy One told him to "bond the fuck out if he didn't like it.” He stated that Deputy One pointed his finger in his face like the "racist motherfucker he is," and Inmate Webb got mad. Inmate Webb and started to yell in the module and called Deputy One a "racist fucker" and he wanted the Sergeant down here now.

Deputy One informed Inmate Webb that he would have to contact the Housing Sergeant thru an Inmate Communication Form, and he needed to calm down. Inmate Webb demanded that he wanted the "fucking sergeant" down here now. Inmate Webb was order to lock down into his cell by Deputy One. Inmate Webb stated that he was not going to lock down and for Deputy One to call a code and get a Sergeant down here. Deputy Number One called a Code 90 (Officer Needs Assistance) due to Inmate Webb's disruptive behavior and refusing to lock down when ordered.

Sergeant XXXX and several escort officers entered the module. When the response team entered the module, Inmate Webb started to yell at them while stating they were "all racist mother fuckers" and that this was "a conspiracy against him."

Inmate Webb started to become visibly and verbally upset with me. I informed Inmate Webb that I am the investigation officer and I have nothing to due with the incident in question. Inmate Webb stated that he was not a "inmate" instead he was a "pre-trial detainee" so he does not have to do what he is told. He stated that he has the same rights as a person on bond and could do what ever he wants, and we all better figure that out. Inmate Webb also stated: "If you all find me guilty, I am going to throw piss and shit on all you officers, I have the same rights as a person on bond and I am going to sue all you racist mother fuckers. It is a conspiracy." I terminated the interview with Inmate Webb due to his combative behavior and incoherent ranting.

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