Thursday, August 25, 2005


Jackson County Vs. Riverside County

So where is the Meth Capital?
The Kansas City Star and the Los Angeles Times must have put the phrase on a hot key in 2003, repeatedly claiming Jackson County and Riverside County, respectively, as the capital.
I am going with Jackson County, because Rolling Stone said so.
McNamara said Missouri had more identified methamphetamine labs in 1996 than any other state in the nation. In its February 19 issue, Rolling Stone magazine recently declared Jackson County, Mo., "the methamphetamine capital of the world." Kansas City is located in Jackson County, Mo.

In 1996, the Drug Enforcement Administration shut down 235 clandestine labs in Missouri, 80 more than it shut down in California, which has been the perennial leader in meth manufacturing. Only two labs were identified in 1992 in Missouri. In 1997, that number increased to 455.

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