Monday, August 22, 2005


To Prevent Razor Burn

I was asked to respond to the 17B module by the Housing Sergeant to assist with an unruly inmate. As I entered the module, I noticed an inmate standing in the cell window of 17B-3 with his shirt off. As I walked closer to the cell, I noticed that the inmate had taken feces and rubbed it into is beard. The inmate yelled from his cell that he needed a razor to shave off his beard. The Housing Sergeant asked the inmate why he rubbed feces in his beard. The Inmate then proceeded to reach into the cell toilet and produce a piece of feces and began to work the feces into his beard. While working the feces into his beard, the Inmate stated that the Module Officer refused to give him a razor and that he needed to shave for his visit tomorrow. The inmate was informed that razors are passed out on evening shift at that it was too late to shave. The inmate insisted that he wanted to shave now. I asked the inmate thru the cell door why was he rubbing feces into his beard? The inmate replied that feces prevent razor burn and that the soap we provide gives him razor burn. The inmate then placed feces into his hand and was rolling into a ball. The Inmate started to become agitated about not being able to shave and stared to yell profanities at us. The housing Sergeant informed the inmate that he needed to calm down and wash the feces off his face. The Inmate placed the ball of feces on the sink, kneeled in the middle of the cell, and leaned over the toilet. The inmate started to scoop water with his hand while placing his head inside the toilet, and then using the toilet water to wash the fecal matter from his beard. Then Inmate grabbed a comb and started to comb his beard out. The whole time mumbling that he just needed to shave.

Then the Inmate was ordered to take the ball of feces that he had hand-rolled and place it into the toilet. The Inmate proceeded to place the ball of feces on his tongue and state, “Do you dare me to swallow it?” The Inmate was instructed to spit the feces out into the toilet. The inmate tried to state something but it was unintelligible due to the saliva pooling in his mouth with the feces floating on top of his tongue. The inmate closed his mouth and pressed the feces through the cracks and chips of his rotten teeth with his tongue. The inmate was provided cleaning gear and was instructed that he would not be allowed to leave his cell until he cleaned the bio hazarded he created.

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