Friday, August 26, 2005


Various Topics and Issues

On Monday, August 21st, 2005, at 0112 hours, I was assigned as the 5A Module Officer from 0001 to 0800 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. I observed Inmate Dura sitting naked on the toilet masturbating in his assigned cell 5A-11 with his pillowcase on his head. I asked inmate Dura to remove the pillowcase from his head and stop masturbating towards the module. I asked Inmate Dura if he was trying to hurt himself by placing a pillowcase over his head. Inmate Dura replied, "No, I thought you were allowed to put a pillowcase on your head."
Inmate Dura asked me If I had couple of blunts. Inmate Dura further stated while he was masturbating he was thinking about a bet he had on a football game and how the players purposely lost to screw him over. Inmate Dura then took a bar of soup off the sink and started eating the soap while sitting naked on the toilet. I asked Inmate Inmate Dura why he was eating his soap. Inmate Dura replied, "This is what gives me strength." I informed Inmate Dura that he needed to quit masturbating and put his inmate uniform back on, and go to sleep. I placed Inmate Dura into lock down due to his bizarre behavior and so he could be evaluated by the psych staff.

During the night, I observed Inmate Dura eat another bar of soap and arguing with himself stating, "I am going to get a gun and blow that stupid mother fucking head off." Inmate Dura continued to yell, "Fuck You" and "Fuck you bitch" to himself or someone he perceived in his cell. Inmate Dura would also would lick his deodorant, and then hold it up to me stating, "This is what gives me power." Inmate Dura continued to talk to himself through out my shift on various topics and issues.

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