Tuesday, September 27, 2005


City Hall in the 50's

They're shooting a movie at Los Angeles City Hall that has a bunch of 50's-era LAPD cars, as well as actors dressed like officers from that period. When I was walking to lunch, I saw the filming in progress and asked one of the people that I was with to grab a digital picture (seen above) of the filming. Undoubtedly, the police cars from that era epitomize the "cops and robbers" generation, and I think it would be hard to have a police car as memorable as the one seen above.

I have no idea what they're shooting, but I'm willing to bet that Kevin Roderick has the inside scoop. With the exception of LA Confidential, it's been hard to find a major motion picture that depicts the old-school Los Angeles law enforcement officers and the trials and tribulations they dealt with on a daily basis. I have Dragnet on DVD, but it still doesn't capture the raw essense of revolvers and dirty interrogation rooms.

As always, I'm up for whatever suggestions you guys have for good cop movies. Also, if you happen to know what they're filming at City Hall, leave that in the comments and I'll post an update.

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