Saturday, September 03, 2005


How Could This Be?

The mullet that went half-way down his back was never the give-away. Nor, was the way he would pull the long, black mullet over his shoulder to comb it out. It also wasn't the tatoo outline of a woman lying on her back with her legs spread - like what you'd see in a smut magazine. The faded blue ink made the woman look "worn" in the full-length tattoo on his back. Maybe it was the way he walked across the module, or how he spoke with that bitch-accent that "turned on" an officer. Imagine the the officer taking him to the recreation area, pulling down his uniform, and banging him in the ass while looking at the faded tattoo on his back.

Maybe it was the tattoo that attracted him and made him put his career on the line, or maybe it was the long mullet that he could pull and pretend it was his wife? And after, did he watch the inmate pack his rectum with the contraband he gave him when he was done?

Did he care about the risk he was putting his fellow officers in? Did he feel the pressure of the investigation that started because he wasn't bringing in enough contraband, and the inmate started to talk? Didn't know he would be blackmailed by the inmate? Didn’t the inmate enjoy it as he slapped him on the ass and asked him, “Who is your CO?”

Strange that it had to come to the officer's reinsertion and ridicule of other officers before he revealed it wasn’t true-love but business.

Story told to me by an inmate, confirmed by a Correction Officer friend in the Department of Corrections.

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