Friday, September 23, 2005


Security Cameras: Jordan Downs

Remember how I was talking about how the private sector in Downtown Los Angeles created their own crime task force, that included the use of video cameras to watch over the sector? The idea sprouted legs, because the LAPD is posting cameras in the amazingly dangerous housing project of Jordan Downs. Naturally, the ACLU is throwing a fit, because as far as they're concerned, gangsters should be able to shoot anyone they like, but I fully support the idea because whether the civil libertarians like it or not, the plan will reduce crime and end up costing less in the long run.
The Jordan Downs housing project is one of Los Angeles' most dangerous and blighted communities, with a high crime rate and residents too poor to purchase computers, let alone Internet service.

Los Angeles police have a plan to attack both the digital divide and the violence. By year's end, the Los Angeles Police Department intends to place at least a dozen surveillance cameras inside the 700-unit, World War II-era complex and along connecting streets to Jordan High School.

In a carrot-and-stick twist, the cameras will provide the projects' 2,400 residents and some of its Watts neighbors with free wireless Internet access.

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