Tuesday, November 15, 2005


The 1st of Many

On July 1st 2005, I was assigned to work the 2F Module from 0800 hours to 1600 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. At 0845 hours, Sergeant Ices and several other Deputies entered the 2F Module to conduct cell inspections.

Deputy Peary and I were assigned to search cell 2F-6 which housed Inmate Jones. Deputy Peary entered Inmate Jones’ cell to begin to inspect for contraband. I instructed Inmate Jones to exit the cell, stand still, and place his arms out to the side. As I searched Inmate Jones’ person, I felt an item in his groin area. When I grabbed the item, Inmate Jones pulled away from my grasp. I grabbed Inmate Jones by the collar of his uniform shirt, and placed him on the ground to secure him on the module floor. Inmate Jones would not remove his hands from his groin area to be placed into handcuffs. Deputy Peary performed several knee strikes to Jones’ common peroneal. Inmate Jones released his grasp from the item in his groin and placed his hands behind is back. I place handcuffs on Inmate Jones, checked their fit, and double locked them.

Inmate Jones was placed in a standing position and instructed to stand still. As I attempted to approach Inmate Jones’ to check his waistband, he once again attempted to pull away from my grasp. Sergeant Ices then grabbed Inmate Jones by the arm and instructed him to stand still. Inmate Jones became argumentative with Sergeant Ices. Inmate Jones attempted to kick Sergeant Ices in the chest. I was able to place my arm underneath Inmate Jones’s right leg while he attempted to kick Sergeant Ices. I drove back Inmate Jones’ right leg while Deputy Peary delivered a knee strike to Inmate Jones left leg causing it to buckle. Inmate Jones fell backwards and was unable to catch himself due to the handcuffs. Inmate Jones struck his head on the module floor causing him to blackout. A Code 211 (Medical Emergency) was called. The nursing staff responded to the module and was able to revive Inmate Jones. I pulled the item from Inmate Jones’ groin which was a plastic bag containing pictures of a nude eleven-year-old daughter who was the victim in his case. I found nothing else on his person. Inmate Jones was transported to the local hospital for observation.

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