Friday, November 11, 2005



Here's a new way to rob a bank that I have yet to see detailed in the FBI UCR reports, nor the quarterly training manuals.

The woman has held up four branches of Wachovia bank branches in the Washington suburbs of northern Virginia, police said Friday, though it is unclear whether the cell-phone bandit was actually talking to anyone on the other end of the line.

In the most recent robbery, in Ashburn on November 4, surveillance video footage shows the 20-something woman talking on the phone as a teller hands her a pile of cash. She continued talking as she walked out of the bank.

The gabbing bandit had displayed a gun in her purse to the teller, Loudoun County sheriff's spokesman Kraig Troxell said.

Common sense tells me that as long as we have criminals, they're going to keep coming up with dumb ways to pull heists. What they don't realize is that doing something like this creates a profile for them, and immediately puts everyone on a heightened state of alert for some gal walking into a bank talking on her cell phone as she keeps her purse close to her person.

Proof once again that criminals might be the dumbest form of life on the planet.

UPDATE: I just added a picture of this gal. Yes, that's right, a picture. Of her entire face. A picture of her entire face as she robs a bank, which is also known to us who work in law enforcement as a Federal offense.

UPDATE: A friend just e-mailed and said, "Hey, at least she's not ugly!" I've never acquired a fondness for criminals, so you're in your own world, buddy.

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