Thursday, November 03, 2005


Crime Against Peace Officer: SFPD officer attacked with Molotov cocktail

When I was young and naive, I believed that protestors had the right to assemble in order to make their ideas heard. I still believe that under the Constitution of the United States, the right to assemble is one of the things that makes our country the best place in the world, but it really irks me that a bunch of criminals use it as an excuse to cause havoc and attempt to harm peace officers in any way possible. Case in point:
The uniform of a San Francisco police officer caught fire after a Molotov cocktail was hurled at an anti-Bush protest Wednesday afternoon in downtown San Francisco.

A large crowd made its way from the Civic Center down Market Street, blocking traffic during the afternoon commute. Nine people were arrested for blocking traffic, said San Francisco police Commander David Shinn.

Shinn said the march was mostly peaceful except for the person who threw the Molotov cocktail.

"My partner and I are standing here monitoring the crowd and all of a sudden I heard glass breaking, and the bottle apparently hit right there and gasoline spilled and the next thing I know my shoulder is on fire," police officer Gary Constantine told television station KRON.

Police arrested a person who was found with Molotov cocktails, but were uncertain whether that person was the one who threw the explosive, Shinn said. Constantine was not injured.

Just when it looked like the protest was wrapping up in the evening, some protesters sat down in the middle of a busy intersection to block more traffic. The group refused police requests to disperse so they were arrested at the scene, according to police.

These people weren't there to protest and spead knowledge and ideas in the so-called peaceful fashion that has become their battle cry. They were there to hurt and intimidate people. That's the bottom line of this whole incident. The officer who was hurt should receive an apology, and this group should be banned from public demostrations.

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