Thursday, November 17, 2005


December 13, 2005: Stanley "Tookie" Williams will die

The media groups are going nuts taking the side of Tony Muhammed and the rest of the nutballs, but we at The Horseback Riders are counting the days until Stanley "Tookie" Williams is fried. In the event you don't know, Tookie was the founder of the Crips, a gang that not only plagues Los Angeles to this day, but has spread into groups and factions across the globe. The Los Angeles County District Attorney has released a report to rebutt the claims that Tookie is a hero to the community, and has made it available to the public here. But that doesn't matter to the groups that are calling for clemency by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who still believe Tookie, who won a Nobel Peace Prize, is one of the most light-hearted, sweetest people in the world. In fact, celebrities from across the nation have come together to stand for Tookie, including Snoop Dogg and Danny Glover.
As a Dec. 13 execution date nears for former gang leader Stanley Tookie Williams, the condemned inmate has challenges pending in two branches of state government, and his supporters are planning a series of rallies and vigils around the state.

The events include a youth rally led by rap artist Snoop Dogg outside San Quentin State Prison on Saturday morning.

Stefanie Faucher, program director of San Francisco-based Death Penalty Focus, a group opposed to capital punishment, said she expects "at least hundreds" of people to attend the rally Saturday.

Other upcoming events include anti-death penalty rallies at San Francisco and Santa Cruz city halls on Nov. 30; a screening hosted by actor Danny Glover of "Redemption," a movie about Williams, in San Francisco on Dec. 4; a continuous vigil at San Quentin beginning Dec. 4; and several rallies in Los Angeles, San Diego and Sacramento.

Faucher said she thinks death penalty protests are intense in Williams's case because "he has touched so many lives."

Ask the families of those who lost loved ones about this piece of trash, and they'll tell you how they really feel. In fact, ask the correctional officers who have come forward and released information about how Tookie is still calling the shots from prison, and refuses to renounce his membership as a Crip.
Before a celebrity-led effort begins to save him from a Dec. 13 execution, the people who have watched over Williams for two dozen years have questioned whether he's truly redeemed, claiming he's still calling the shots from death row for the Crips, one of the nation's most notorious gangs.

The Corrections Department earlier this month posted a press release at its Web site about the upcoming execution. It gave biographical information about Williams, as well as a narrative about his crimes. In 1979, Williams shot and killed four people during two robberies in Los Angeles.

"By 1994, having firmly entrenched himself as the leader of the Crips at San Quentin, he wielded his power as his lieutenants and other minions were dispatched to carry out his objectives," according to the release.
John and Ken have also started a counter-offensive with their "Tookie Must Die" campaign on KFI 640 in Los Angeles. Where you stand is up to you. Please leave messages in the comments and make sure you state a position, not just an emotional argument.

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