Saturday, November 19, 2005


GPS: Saving lives left, right, and center

GPS has done a wonderful job of saving the lives of people who are lost and have no idea of what direction to turn. You can go on the web and read the stories of people who were stuck in deserts, mountains, ravines, and even major metropolitan areas who relied on GPS to get them home safely. However, another aspect I like about GPS is the fact that it can track people, specifically convicted sexual offenders who might decide that it's a good idea to wander into playground every now and then.
A global position monitoring program that tracks sexual offenders has resulted in an arrest.

The arrest is the first in Orange County attributed to the system, which was introduced last month as part of a pilot program.

Robert Dobucki was taken into custody Tuesday for an alleged parole violation after he was tracked via an electronic ankle bracelet to a grade school parking lot, a doll shop and a small amusement park for children, officials said. Dobucki had been ordered to stay out of areas frequented by children, according to parole officials.
The ACLU and all the civic rights groups can yell all they want about how sticking a GPS device on a sexual offender takes away his rights to be a human all they want. I'll just keep reminding them that the same people they are defending are the one's that took away the lives and fond memories of countless men, women, and children with their inability to perform as normal members of society.

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