Thursday, November 10, 2005


Holly Ashcraft: Bail reduced to $200,000

In a move that I have yet to understand, the Superior Court has lowered Holly Ashcraft's bail from $2 million dollars to $200,000 dollars. After that happened, she proceeded to walk out of court, as you can see here:

A USC student accused of killing her newborn by dumping the infant in a trash dumpster was released from jail late Wednesday afternoon after a magistrate reduced her bond from $2 million to $200,000.

The bail reduction came as 21-year-old Holly Ashcraft, dressed in a business suit, entered a not guilty plea to murder and child abuse charges.

Many of the more than two dozen family members and friends who gathered for the college junior's hearing tearfully embraced in the hallway of the downtown criminal courts building after Commissioner James N. Bianco ruled that the Montana native was not enough of a public danger — or flight risk — to justify the multimillion-dollar bond.

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