Wednesday, November 16, 2005



Oh, the wonders of the blogosphere. For the past few days, has been loading very slowly --- or not loading at all. I just spoke to Lee via e-mail, and this is what he told me:

We're under a MASSIVE denial of service attack, and it was taking down the whole box, which was also killing Moorewatch and all the other servers on the same machine, so we shut my domain down so it wouldn't kill everything. Hopefully everything will be back up to normal later on today. If you could spread the world that would be great, thanks.
Both and are hosted on the same server, and Lee writes for both sites. If you're familiar with Lee, you'll know that he's not a political hack who goes off on a limb and writes for the sake of writing. However, the vast majority of his posts are guaranteed to call a pig a pig, which makes a lot of people in the liberal blogosphere very mad. Because of that, the websites are often his with Denial of Service (DOS) attacks that prevent them from loading.

UPDATE: Lee is back, and he's operating here on Blogspot to keep the hackers from interfering. As JimK said, "Anyway…let’s see someone try to do a denial of service on Google…they own Blogspot." Right on.

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