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December 13, 2005: Stanley "Tookie" Williams will die (part 5 of a series)

The "Save Tookie" crowd is jumping for joy because the governor has granted a clemency hearing for the convicted felon, hoping there will be an decision to overturn the death penalty and spare his life. What they don't realize is that even though the governor made a horrible decision in even granting the decision to hold a hearing, sheer emotional arguments cannot replace hard fact, those of which point to Stanley "Tookie" Williams brutally murdering four people.
Crips co-founder, Stanley "Tookie" Williams, has been granted a private clemency hearing by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, just weeks after Snoop Dogg and hundreds of others rallied in support of Williams outside the San Quentin State Prison (see "Snoop Dogg, Hundreds Rally For 'Tookie' At San Quentin").

According to published reports, Schwarzenegger agreed on Friday (November 25) that he would meet for a private hearing on December 8th in his office with Williams' lawyers, Los Angeles County prosecutors and others involved.

The governor holds the final decision in Williams' clemency hearing, and has the authority to change Williams' death sentence to life without parole. Although he is not legally obligated to hold a public or private hearing, he can decide on clemency requests on a "case-by-case basis," said his spokeswoman, Margita Thompson to USA Today.

Williams' faces the death sentence for killing four people in 1979 during two separate robberies. He has maintained his innocence throughout his prison sentence and has even asked the California Supreme Court to reopen his case, alleging "shoddy forensics" helped convict him, according to USA Today.

But guess what? On Wednesday, the Supreme Court of California refused to reopen the case, confirming the decision made in Superior Court.
Crips co-founder Stanley Tookie Williams moved one step closer to the death chamber Wednesday when the California Supreme Court refused to reopen his case and halt the state’s highest profile execution since the death penalty was reinstated.

Williams, in a last-ditch legal move, alleged that shoddy forensic testing and other errors may have wrongly sent him to San Quentin State Prison, where he is scheduled die by lethal injection Dec. 13.

His lawyers asked that justices allow the re-examination of evidence that showed a shotgun registered to Williams was used to kill three people during a Pico Rivera motel robbery in 1979. They said the ballistics evidence was based on “junk science.”

State prosecutors argued there was no legal basis to reopen the case. Allegations about the sloppy forensic shotgun evidence were “based upon innuendo, supposition and the patent bias of his purported expert, not upon allegations of fact,” prosecutors said.

The court voted 4-2 without comment to deny Williams’ petition to reopen the case.

Unless Governor Schwarzenegger loses his mind and decides to spare Tookie's life, I see this going no other way that for Tookie to get the big jab. The anti-death penalty activists have grabbed this case and run with it, due to the fact that they believe this could be their big shot to overturn all death penalty cases throughout the nation. What they fail to realize is that their actions are only bringing more pain and frustration to those who lost family members and friends to Tookie and his crew. That doesn't even cover the countless murders brought upon the world by the creation of the Crips gang.

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