Friday, December 30, 2005


Sex Offender Watch: New Orleans Evacuees

Outside of exposing widespread corruption and a horrible levee system, it seems that we now have the job of locating 2,000+ escaped sex offenders who slithered out of New Orleans after the water began to rise.
Governors in states that accepted Katrina evacuees are being urged to locate about 2,000 registered sex offenders who fled the Gulf region during the hurricane's mayhem and may have vanished from legally required tracking.

"When sex offenders know they're being watched, when they know they're being monitored, they are less likely to offend again," said Wade Horn, assistant secretary for children and families at the Department of Health and Human Services. "When they no longer believe they are being monitored or watched, they can be tempted to offend again."

The Administration for Children and Families estimated that about 30 states are affected. In November, agency officials matched the names of sex offender registries in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama with the names of evacuees who applied for disaster assistance
If you ask me, the US Marshals Service should hire about 1,000 more Deputies and setup an entire division to go after the escapees. Sex offenders being on the run isn't anything new, and if I remember correctly, there's a 93% chance that a sex offender will reoffend if given the slightest chance.

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