Friday, December 02, 2005


You Missed

On July 1st 2005, I was assigned to work the 5F Module from 0800 to 1600 hours, in the Kaw County Adult Detention Center. As I was conducting a welfare check of the module cell, Inmate Macias began to yell profanities at me from his cell. Inmate Mac stated that I was a fucking asshole and wanted to speak with me about the tickets I issued him earlier that today.

I opened Inmate Mac’s cell door to speak with the Inmate. Inmate Mac became very argumentative and belligerent about the tickets he received. Inmate Mac then demanded an Inmate Communication Form, and that I replace items taken during the search of his cell.

I told Inmate Mac that he needed to quiet down and that I would speak with him later. Inmate Mac continued to yell stating he wanted to press battery charges against Deputy Clarkson and me. Inmate Mac’s conduct was disturbing the orderly running of the 5F Module. Several Inmates in the dayroom started to yell at Inmate Mac to quiet down, stating, “Put up or shut the fuck up.”

Inmate Mac then attempted to humiliate and demean me in front of other inmates in the module by yelling, “You’re a pig,” and attempting to strike me in the face. I was able to dodge Inmate Mac’s closed right fist by stepping back. Inmate Mac’s fist made conduct with the cell door jam. Inmate make then clutched his right hand with his left and fell to the cell floor. Inmate Mac began to cry in agony over his hand and began to scream, “Police Brutality.” I then activated an Emergency Medical Code. Inmate Mac was then transported to the hospital due with several broken fingers. Due to Inmate Mac’s action he was issued several more Disciplinary tickets and will be moved to Administrative Segregation upon his return from the hospital.

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