Monday, January 09, 2006


Border Patrol: Refusing to Back Down

Think the job of a border patrol agent is boring? Think again.

Border Patrol agents say they have dodged bullets fired at them from the Mexican side of the Rio Grande in two shootings within the past week.

Federal authorities were investigating the shootings and say they signal an increase from last year. Authorities believe the shooters were likely drug or people smugglers whose operations were interrupted by agents.

A spokesman for the Border Patrol's Rio Grande Valley sector says about ten shots were fired at agents near the Veteran's International Bridge at Los Tomates last night. One Border Patrol vehicle was hit, but none of the agents was injured. Officials say four agents patrolling upriver from the bridge on boats reported up to 25 shots were fired at them.

None of the four agents was hurt in the shooting Friday, but one boat was hit five times.

If I remember correctly, taking shots at an agent of the United States means that the agent can shoot at will and take the appropriate action. The fact that these agents are using such restraints demostrates exactly how much they put up with on a daily basis, and the thought that goes into patrolling the border on a daily basis.

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