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Honoring Officers Killed in the Year 2005

Lord I ask for courage Courage to face and Conquer my own fears...
Courage to take me Where others will not go...
I ask for strength Strength of body to protect others And strength of spirit to lead others...
I ask for dedication Dedication to my job, to do it well Dedication to my community To keep it safe...
Give me Lord, concern For others who trust me And compassion for those who need me...
And please Lord Through it all Be at my side...

One Hundred and Fifty

2005 Statistics of Fallen Officers

This is a compilation of statistics based on fallen officers posted on
this web site.



12 officers died during domestic violence calls
7 officers died answering robbery calls
3 officers died in an ambush
3 officers died serving warrants
14 officers died during a traffic stop
6 officers were shot accidentally
6 officers were shot by suspect with their own gun
2 officers died of accidental self inflicted
64 officers in total died by gunfire

Motor Vehicle-

15 officers died when they lost control of vehicle
19 officers died in auto accidents involving someone else
4 officers died due to road conditions
11 officers died being ran over by a vehicle
4 officers died while laying stop sticks
4 officers died because of a drunk driver
4 officers died in motorcycle accidents
66 officers in total died from motor vehicle accidents

Heart Attack-

3 officers died of heart attacks during training
3 officers died of heart attacks during an assault
4 officers died of heart attacks assisting another officer
4 officers died of heart attac ks during a foot pursuit
14 officers in total died of heart attacks


1 officer died of drowning
4 officers died in helicopter accidents
1 officer died in an airplane accident
1 officer died in an atv accident
1 officer died being struck by a train
3 officers died falling off bridges
1 officer died of a stabbing
1 officer died of hepatitis C
2 officers died from cancer
1 officer died from drinking too much water
3 officers died of mortar attack in war in Iraq


California 22
Texas 13
Georgia 10
Virginia 9
Missouri 7


3 years on average - 13 officers died within 3 years of duty Shortest
time on the job - 6 days - Heart Attack during training in Alabama
Longest time on the job - 37 years - Lake Ranger in Oklahoma Under 1
year on the job - 9 officers Under 5 years on the job - 48 officers
6 to 10 years on the job - 25 officers
11 to 20 years on the job - 40 officers
21 to 30 years on the job - 21 officers
31 to 40 years on the job - 4 officers
17 officers time on the job unknown


Average age of a fallen officer - 34 years old Youngest 21 years old
from Michigan Oldest 72 years old from Oklahoma Under Age 25 - 7
officers Age 25 to 30 - 24 officers Age 31 to 35 - 39 officers Age 36
to 40 - 27 officers Age 41 to 50 - 36 officers Age 51 to 60 - 23
officers Age 61 to 65 - none Over 65 - 1 officer Ages Unknown - 8


Female Officers - 7
Male Officers - 158
*Total Officers listed on copadorer memorial page 2005 - 165 Total
Officers lost in 2005 - 149 *This total will always be greater then
the number of officers deaths in
2005 -
Some of the names listed on the web site were retired or disabled
officers that did not die in the Line of Duty.


236 children lost parents
2 wives are expecting births
59 known to be daughters
70 known to be sons
30 grandchildren lost grandparents
This does not include listings where children's gender were not known
and its not specific, only information I have from postings.


Police Officer - 65
Deputy Sheriff - 33
Captain of Chief of Police - 2
Sheriff - 2
Sergeant - 14
Lieutenant - 1
Corporal - 2
Dispatcher - 1
Detective - 7
Trooper - 4
State Police - 2
Highway Patrol - 1
Corrections Officer - 5
Ranger/Forestry - 3
Motorcycle Officer - 2
Special Agent - 7
Federal Agent - 2
Constable - 1
Mounted Police - 4
K9 Officer - 1
Narcotics - 1
Parole Officer - 1
Reserve Officer - 1
Retired Officer - 1

Notes of Interest:

No officers of the age of 25 or 30 are listed.
Three officers were engaged, 110 were married, 52 marital status unknown.
Eight officers listed were Off Duty when they were killed.
Two officers were killed when suspects went to the officers homes.
One officer died from drinking too much water during training.
March was the worst month for deaths - 21 deaths.
Eight officers have family that work on the job also.
Rookie of the Year 2004 was killed in Washington.
One officer had his father with him on ride along, both were killed.
One officer also had a brother in law killed this year.
One officer was killed when his best friend played a joke on him.
One officer was killed by her spouse.
One officer was killed by a 12 year old girl.
Alaska has no deaths listed for 2005.

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