Saturday, January 07, 2006


Overreaction of the Day

From Beaver County, Pennsylvania (With Video)

A Beaver County woman hopes her home video can catch the culprit who slashed her inflatable Christmas bear. “The way he raised his hand above his head, it just sends a chill up your spine,” says Carol Tomalski of West Mayfield.Tomalski says she and her husband installed security cameras after someone drove through their lawn two weeks before they moved in. Now their inflatable bear lies lifeless with a stab wound right between his eyes. Tomalski doesn’t know who would kill the Christmas bear, but she doesn’t think it was just a spur of the moment prank.“You can tell it was planned because you have to know this area at night, you have to know where you're going,” Tomalski explained.She hopes someone might recognize the person from the video and turn him in so she can have peace.
So the was the plastic inflatable bear alive before it was stabbed? Is she really that attached to this inflatable bear that she needs closure so she can live in peace? This lady is acting like this kid is going to grow up to be John Wayne Gasey. Make sure you watch the video the media keeps showing the brutal attack over and over.

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